Saturday, May 9, 2009

It is a boy...and he is so cute!

For those who do not know, we are babysitting two mini horses and a mini donkey.
We got them in November and are not sure how long they will be here. I have never had mini's before, so they have been fun. Not to long ago we realized one of them was getting more round by the day, and I did not want to say anything in case we were wrong, but we decided to ask of they were with a stallion last summer. Thought we should know just in case it was something else gone wrong...thank goodness they were exposed! :-) We found out, yes, they were exposed, so more than likely a baby was on the way. I was watching her udder every day looking for signs of waxing, etc. I had no indications that today would be different than yesterday, but it was....

Robin had her foal today, and he seems to be fine. The only things I don't know
about, but will probably be okay, is his bubble forehead, and his front legs.
The legs are straight, but when he stands up his knees pop a bit and bend
the opposite way too far. I will say it was better this afternoon vs. this morning
so maybe once he gets stronger, he will straighten up.
He looks like a Buttermilk buckskin! We even got to hear him nicker a few times!

Here is how it went. I went out to feed and Robin was a little pig like normal.
Nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Brian came out and helped me finish,
then we sat outside on a tree stump for a while talking about things we want to
get done. We walked to the barn lot at the edge of the garden so he could show
me what he wanted to do with the water hydrant. I thought I heard a horse fart
and looked under the canopy but did not see anything except black thru the
fence. I thought it was the llama. Then I heard a gush of liquid and I thought
someone was peeing, so I looked over again and I saw it was Robin laying down
and her water broke. I looked at Brian and said "Robin is having her foal!"
So we headed inside the barn and closed the door so nobody could bother her.
We got to watch the whole thing, all the way to the point of him standing up!
It was the first time I got to see a foal be born! :-D I laughed, I cried, I laughed
and cried some more. It was so beautiful! I got it on video too.

We watched for all the good stuff. He ate real good, he pooped several times,
and we even saw him pee this evening. I am not big on the iodine thing, but
Brian says we are doing it anyways. :-)

We had to go to town today and when we got back he was dry and doing
well. We have him and Mom locked inside the barn, and we have put pallets up around
the parameter so he can't get under it and get out with the big bunch.

Ruby is the other little mare that is here, and the past few days we have noticed
her plumping up. Her udder is not swollen or anything, so she probably has a while.
I am hoping within a couple of weeks so the babies will be close to the same age. Nothing like watching foals play!

I know we should not be naming him - but we are! Hee hee! Brian said Batman, so
we have Batman, Robin and Joker. Then he came up with Robin's Puff of Smoke and
we can call him Smokey. Smokey Robin (instead of Robinson).....I think I like Batman.

I am sooo glad we did not go to the Flea Market this morning! What a neat day!

Here is Batman and Robin right after...

Batman is fearless and already was wandering away from Mom...he came over to visit me.

It is rest time....

Batman had to go check out Brian, who came up with the name...

Tripp was going crazy...the big group of horses were locked out of the barn lot area for a while so they did not stir up too much dust during the birth...he kept nickering to Robin...

Now what would this blog be without a self portrait???

After we got back from town...he has dried off quite nicely! And that little tail has the neatest curls at the end!

Here is Batman and Robin again...

Totally unrelated...I love frogs and toads...this guy was hanging out on a log in the front yard...

Back to the barn...a turkey came in and just sat down by all of us. Halo the mustang is inspecting the turkey...

It was a great day and I am so grateful that everything turned out well. Robin is Hood's Mom. Hood is the one who died not to long ago and it really did break my heart. Batman seems to be healthy...what more can you ask for? Now I just hope that Ruby follows suit!

Until later...Karen and Uncle Tripp


jill said...

Little Batman is way prettier than the toad and the turkey. I love that color and all the names. I can't believe how fast names come to you guys. Hood's legs bowed sideways not backwards didn't they? I have heard of the term, windswept foal, I will look it up.

nikki said...

How exciting and way cute!!! Loved all of the pictures. Looks like Robin is a great mom. :)