Monday, September 28, 2009

Copper's Day Out...due to mud...

We got whammied with storms...then got whammied again. The barn lot is finally drying out, but there are still some very sloppy spots. Saturday there was no getting the trailer in and out of the driveway, but Sunday we managed. The plan was to take Copper to the neighboring town arena so we could work. When we got there, the arena was a muddy mess! I was bummed out because I was counting on the good drainage, good surface cover, etc...BUT, we went in anyways. There were barrels set up, so I tried to 'run' him around the barrels. The mud was 4" to 5" deep and was sucking my boots down into it. But we managed...

Barrel #1...not bad, I think we can make it!

Almost around the barrel....yep, we can make it!

Woo hoo! We made it around the barrel and are headed to the other two. This may take a is hard to run in mud!

Okay, tired, Copper must hold me up...whew!

We took Hemi to the arena with us and he enjoyed getting out. He is ready to go find something else to explore since we won't let him play in the mud (did not bring a towel for him to sit on in the truck)


Then we headed to the Conservation Area. I knew the ground would be good there. At the lake watching people fishing on the other side of the cove...

COPPER SAYS: Hmmmmm, what do ya think? One little nudge should do it! Whinny whinny! (His version of Hee hee!)

COPPER SAYS: Yep, could make it look like an accident, then I could give her that cute little look with my eyebrows up that she likes so much!

Nope, went for a walk along the dam instead. There is a dip on the other side so we went down there and came back. We even practiced trotting! Now if we could just get it 90% of the time, all would be good.

Just a cool head shot...he was watching a fishing boat.

We spent a lot of time just looking and taking it in.

I tried to walk Hemi and Copper. We even trotted, but Copper trots faster than Hemi even tho Copper has a slow trot.

It turned in to a great day! The sun was shining, it was not too hot, we got out and got some fresh is good!

Still not where I want to be with Copper, but I have calmed down about it and am just going to do what we can do. I won't rush him because that will only screw his brain up. I don't want to do that - even if it is for short term. For me, this isn't a race. I just want to help find a mustang a great home, and I am praying for a home that will be patient with him. He is so sweet and tries so hard not to be afraid of things.

One morning it was very dark when we went out to feed - no moon or anything. I could see light colored things, so knew where my Arab mare and Batman were, but not anybody else. I reached out and little did I know, Copper was right there! I touched his butt and it freaked him out! Instead of kicking me, he tucked his butt and took a couple of hops forward, then let out his long easy going snort that let me know he was stressed, but he is okay now. I was very proud of him, and sooooo glad I did not get kicked!

Gotta head to work now....hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he would not have freaked out over me touching his butt. :-)

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wilddunz said...

Copper is looking so good! He's put on some weight and looks so calm. I'd love to know what he thinks about that running around barrels in the mud business, ha ha!