Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wyomings Adventure Continues...and did you know he was a left brained horse? I do now!

As you all know, Wyoming went to his new adopters home a short while back. Unfortunately, he did not fit in with their family and he started acting out a bit. The final decision came when he threw a friend of theirs who had trained wild horses before. (it is okay to roll eyes and say "Oh oh" here...I did) When the guy landed Wy was kicking out and kicked his ankle and broke it in a couple of spots. They decided that Wyoming is a little too much horse for them and they are going to look for something more seasoned and 'been there done that'. My heart goes out to them because Carol is a lot like myself...wants everything to work, and doesn't want Wy to feel like he doesn't have a home. They are two of the kindest most good hearted people I know. They did everything they could with Wy with their experience.

There are a lot of questions from myself as to WHY he bucked. He had never offered to buck before, even when we were learning the saddle. Of course there are several theories but only Wy knows what was up. I go to saddle fit, the guy went in with the 'I can do this!' frame of mind and you know how horses are...they know!, maybe Wy got kicked in the flank or rump when they were mounting him and it scared him? I don't know.

Here is what I do know, and this is very cool! A friend of mine, Jill, has been telling me about the Parelli Horsenality chart because we are trying to figure out Copper. On the way home from the Texas EMM I was reading the chart to Brian and the description for Right Brained Introvert was right on the money for Copper! Left Brained Extrovert was right on the money for Wyoming! I had to laugh because it said that the way to deal with a horse like this is to be more interesting...or less boring. Wyoming needs somone who knows what to do to keep him busy doing new things. I laugh because as I started working with him there were many times I made comments about his busy I know why. This Right Brained/Left Brained Extrovert/Introvert stuff is very cool! It explained a lot about Copper too.

He has been here since the middle of last week and last night was the first chance I got to ride him. It was too muddy here at the house so I bit the bullet and headed to the wildlife area. He did pretty good once he relaxed. I lunged him and that went very well, then I got on him and that head went up and he tensed up big time. I said to myself "Oh oh, better get off quickly and quietly" so I did. I got off, walked him a bit, then got on again. I did this a few times then headed down the trail...then realized I forgot my helmet so turned around to go back. Got my helmet, got back on, and he was his old self as far as mounting goes. Half way to the lake he did show me attitude - he just did not want to go. He did not throw a big fit or anything, he just stopped and I could see his face and ear expressions going 100 mph! I made like nothing was going on and kept asking him to go, and he finally said "Oh fine, but only because I am choosing to." If that is what he wants to think, I will let him. Hee hee!

We rode about 3 miles, it got dark, and I got loaded up to come home. He really did do great.

Now for the other good news. Tomorrow I am delivering him to a ranch that takes in rescues, they have a girls drill team, etc. They have a lot of experience and something is always going on there, so it should keep Wy's mind occupied. They are taking him on a two week trial run. I really hope he works out for them, and if he doesn't, I have decided I will adopt him myself, ride him, and maybe down the road find someone who can't live without him. :-) BUT I am hoping the ranch works out!

Gotta go feed and get ready for work...

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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