Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video - Adult Stick Horse Race at the 2009 Midwest Mustang and Burro Show

Hello there!

September 12, 2009 was the Midwest Mustang and Burro Show, and it was in Kansas. One of the classes was a stick horse race for the kids - but there were not any little kids. That left it up to the big kids...so someone suggested an adult stick horse race. :-)
We could pick whatever 'horse' we wanted, and just go for it.

Before you watch the video I want to give you a little history about my 'horse' ...Kristi knows the story already. :-) I have had this 'horse' for over 20 years now - no joke! So she is getting up there in years, you will notice the bend in the handle...she is a little sway back from age, she is missing a couple of teeth, but she still has the drive to win and she gives that to me whenever I ride her. Sometimes we even get a little ahead of ourselves, but that is okay...it is all good.


Until later...Karen and Tripp who would have been embarrassed...
There will be a photo entry within the next day or two.


Brian said...

Please note that no "horses" were injured in the creation of this film. All activity was under the supervision of the Executive Producer (that would be me!), and in accordance with all state and local regulations governing Adult Stick Horse Racing.

wilddunz said...

My Granpaw always siad, you're not a real cowgirl until you've been thrown. Hope your horse is doing okay--maybe a little linimint...

Kahlua'S BFF! said...

OMG!!! I can't stop watching that video!!!!!I wish we were all getting together this weekend to do another show but i got dance. :-(Your the best Karen!!!!

Jill said...

Beyond hilarious, you didn't even have to be there to enjoy. You and your mount do have heart. That is one of the best yet! and so glad it was in accordance with all regulations and no horses were injured. Just goes to show those 20yo's are still worthy.
Just one question, I heard no music, was it music-ified? Oh, and did you win?

Karen C. said...

Wilddunz, your Granpaw was correct! :-) If only all the throwings were this easy! :-)

Jill, there was music to it - the Chariots of Fire theme song...I hope you can get the music! It is even funnier! Several of us thought I made it to the finish line first, but I did break stride, and I got a 2nd place ribbon. :-) Yes, I won! Ha ha! April was the one I was trying to catch...did you see the determination on her face? Love it!

Anonymous said...


I think your horse was a pacer...cause that wasn't a canter or gallop! LOL....Too funny...had a blast with you...Brian just had to get my fat butt watching...ACK! Loved the way April was working that free hand and you stretched yours out to win!

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

I loved looking at your blog. How nice to have all those photos
of fun activities.

At our barn (CJ Ranch--I board there) we have quarter horse shows, which is good because I have quarter horses. LOL I don't show much any more but some.

Patricia A. Guthrie, author
In the Arms of the enemy (horses)
Waterlilies Over My Grave (one secondary collie named Lady)