Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally, an evening with Copper...

No pictures darn it! Which reminds me, I need to find my receipt so I can take my camera back. I am sure it just had dirt in it, which is why it won't close most of the time, and sometimes it just won't focus on anything, but you know what? I had my other camera for a very long time and it made it thru beach sand, cave mud, and normal farm dirt! I expect the same out of this one. :-)

We were in Texas for the EMM so were out of town 3 days, then it was muddy on Monday, then on Tuesday I took Wy for a ride, which brings me to tonite.

I have to tell ya, I was worried at first. The little bugger would not let me catch him, and that is totally not like him at all! Brian thinks it is because I have been leaving him out with the small group of donks and a couple horses, so he is forming a relationship with them. My heart doesn't like it, but he will start staying in his pen until we get our stuff together.
He did run into his pen - it is his 'safe place' - and he still would not stop...he snorted like it was the first time he saw me and the halter. I am already nervous and worried because the TN EMM is only 1 month away...but adding this to it - geesh! He finally did face up with me, and I got the halter on him. I rubbed all over him until he got his little nervous muscle twitches under control, then I combed out his mane. He was looking real purdy tonite if I say so myself!

Then it only got better from there! I started from scratch - playing with the whip, cracking it, smacking the ground, zinging it over his head in circles so it made propeller noises....then I got out the lariat rope. I am not a roper by any means, but it is fun to try. I had quite a nice loop going on and I roped his butt! Many times! He flinched a bit, but other than that, it was great! I wrapped it around his butt and put the rest around his legs to walk over and he was not happy about it, but he did not freak out. After all that I put the bitless bridle on and he looked pretty cute!

Reading this it doesn't sound like much, but it really was a big night! Tomorrow night we are delivering Wy for his 2 week trial run, so no Copper time until I get back. I will do some more rubbing on him because I can do that in the dark.

I felt pretty I am going to feel better because it is salad time! Yum!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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