Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Beautiful Fall Day at Rudolf Bennitt

The morning of October 7, 2012 was a wonderful time for a ride!  I got up that morning to 30 something degrees, and it ended up warming up to 50 something later in the day.  By the time we met, I would say it was mid to upper 40's.....but gorgeous!  It is amazing how much difference the sun can make.  The day before was a high of 40 something and overcast...felt very chilly!

I think our area has already peaked as far as leaf color.  But you know what?  As dry as it was this summer, I am surprised and ecstatic that we had the color we did!  We got just enough moisture at the right time....yay!

Pretty blue sky on a country road....while waiting for my riding friends to get here.  


Brian sent his orange vest with me since it is bow season.  He thought we would be better safe than sorry while riding thru the wildlife area.

Tripp is none too impressed with his orange.  I personally think he looks cute it in.

"ACK Mom!!!  Get it off me!  Or get me sunglasses...this stuff is bright!"

"Okay Mom, I thought we talked about this.  No rump rug because it makes my butt look big."

Patty and Ruth got here and they didn't waste any time getting ready for the ride.  That is one reason I like getting places early...because I fiddle fart around, brush my horse, love my horse, let him eat grass a while (I have learned this makes for a much nicer ride), brush him some more, look at his hooves realizing I should have done something different, tell him he is pretty...you get the idea.  Hee hee!

Here is Boone peeking thru the trailer.  This is the first time Tripp and I got to meet Boone.

Boone is a very handsome fellow!  He looks like a big jousting horse, he has a long stride, and he is just pretty darn cute!

Ruth is with Boone on the left, and Patty is with Joe on the right.  Joe and Tripp have ridden together before at Indian Camp Creek.  Dusty the mustang stayed home today. 

Group shot.  Left to right:  Me and Tripp, Patty and Joe, Ruth and Boone.

And they are off!

Self portrait time!

This is one of those blurry shots that I thought looked neat.

Ruth (daughter) and Boone, and Patty (Mom) and Joe.

Patty and Joe looking so small in a big world.  I love pictures like this...gives me a feeling of peace.

Tripp and I, and Ruth and Boone.  Boone wishes the ladies (that be Patty and I) with the little square boxes would just put them away and ride.  :-)

Ruth and Boone jumping. 

Crossing the dam at the lake...

Joe says "Hey kid, what are you doing over there?"

Crossing the road to pick up the trail...

It was just us and nature all morning long...

Me and my favorite shadow...

Right after making the right hand turn towards the other trail, Tripp thought something was getting him from behind and bolted forward!  I had camera in hand, said "Oh BLEEP" and finally got him turned around into some bushes.  He probably only traveled a few feet, but it felt longer than that.  Yep, I had a mini heart attack, but it turned out okay.  I still don't know what scared him.  He had been acting like he was being followed most of the ride but was being very good about it.  And now that I think about it, both times we went to Indian Camp Creek we had someone come up on our tail real quick....I will need to find opportunities to work with him on that.  In the meantime, I am thankful I didn't fall off from panic.  :-)  And I am glad that Boone (who was next to us) has more of a level head than we did at the time.

Ruth loving on Joe...

After a couple of hours on the gravel, we felt our horses hooves were a little ouchy, so we took the grassy side of the road back to the parking lot.
I am happy to report - not many fights with Tripp as far as eating grass.  Yes, it happened, but not like it had been. 

Horses being spoiled after the ride.  :-)

"Got mints Mom?"

"Love your mint breath Mom...can I have another one?"

"Grandma, Mom gave me ONE mint.  Do you have one for me too?"

Tripp and I....I love this guy!

My reflection in Patty's sunglasses. 

Now this is the life!  A fun ride, and time to relax in the sun. 

Tripp and Boone...two very handsome dudes!

My favorite guy and my favorite boots.  Okay, my only boots.  :-)
Brian falls into a different category of FAVORITE. 

"Mom, I had a fun time today!  I loved getting to gallop up the hill!  I like Boone and Joe...they are fun to ride with.  I can't wait to do it again!"

It was a very pretty morning, and I didn't need to break out my gloves.  We did not see any other horse/rider teams on the trail, and there were no other trailers in the parking lot when we got back which surprised me.  There are only a couple of times I have seen a lot of people.  Other than that, it is a couple here or there....which makes it nice.

We are planning on meeting up at the Katy Trail soon.  They opened a section close to Patty's place so we are planning a bareback ride.  I told Patty that would be fine as long as Tripp doesn't get scared of something behind him, bolt forward, and I roll off the back side!  Ha ha!  

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he had FUN!

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Michelle said...

I wish it was hoodie weather here. Love the pics!