Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall....the beginning to a new season...

First of all, I have updated the format of the blog with new font, a new picture, etc.  It has been a while.  They have new fonts since I did it last - which tells you how long it has been since  have done it.  I found a cool font, but my exclamation points look like the number 1.  I am always so excited and animated about things, I used exclamations on everything...all the time.  I did not realize how much until I had to go back thru the Buck post and take them out.  Ha ha.  Anyways, if you see a number 1 at the end of a is probably an exclamation that I forgot to change.  :-) is many peoples favorite time of the year.  The air cools down, the leaves change colors, animals start to get fuzzy, and flies go away.  Yay.  I love Fall, but I love the other seasons too.   I really don't know that I have a favorite.

Some people also think Fall is the time of year right before the death of the seasons as we know them.  Everything turns brown, plants die off, it is cold and ugly out, and Spring can't get here soon enough.

We loaded Hemi up to run some errands last weekend, then on our way back took a drive thru the wildlife area...

"First I can't go into MFA feed store with you, and now I can't go into Orscheln's with you?  But why not?  I am THE dog."

WARNING:  Hemi has a moment of drama.

"Oh fine....whatever!  I will just sit here by my bag of new Hunters Blend dog food even tho I am not allowed to go in the store to HUNT BARGAINS....(mumbling about the new dog food being a liar and what is the point of Hunters Blend if I can't hunt where and when I want?  How am I supposed to get 'skills' if they don't let me apply myself?)"

With Hemi in the back seat pouting, we took a drive thru the wildlife area.  Brian loves the Cottonwood trees with their white bark contrasting against the other color.

I noticed some round bales just left out in the field to rot (my turn for drama...I don't know for a fact that is why they are there...snicker snicker), and wondered if the centers were like a cinnamon roll....the best part.  With a hay shortage, it is hard to see the round bales sitting in the middle of an awesome grass field.

Close up of the Cottonwood trees...

Even tho we had a rough summer, we got rain at the right time because we are getting some pretty neat color.  

Lake trees...

When you take the time to slow down and look around, there is lots of life around you.  Fall has so many pretty flowers that flourish this time of year.

These flowers are all over our back yard, and the bees love them.

These are all over the wildlife area along the trails and road.  I really need to take a walk to find some more flowers....they are everywhere and so pretty.

Oh...HA HA...I could not resist.  Sometimes in certain parts of the country people feel the need to put their catfish carcass on a fence post.   Bragging rights maybe?  I really don't know.  But this dude was big!  I bet they got some yummy fillet's off this one. 

 I love how they look and love how they feel.  Here was a lizard on an upright brick we have blocking the front gate (dog knows how to open the gate).  It let me snap a few shots before moving on. 

Brian was in the hay storage area looking at bales, the tractor etc....then he saw this guy.  A cute little snapping turtle.  He had a coat of mossy stuff all over his back, so we know he came from the lagoon.  He was headed the direction of the neighbors who have a pond.  I really don't know anything about snappers other than when they get big enough, they are good eating (have had fried turtle), they are faster than lightning so don't go sticking your hand or toe in front of their face, and they can grow up to be pretty big.  Do they go back to where they were hatched to lay their own eggs or mate?  Or hibernate in the same place they came from?  Hmmmmm....I just don't know why it would head to the neighbors pond when there was a bigger pond closer.

A lot of people would have shot it.  It made me happy that Brian called me out to see it instead.  He could have easily disposed of it and I would not have known the difference.  We don't kill things off just because they are 'scary' or inconvenient.  They have to survive too, and as long as they are not destructive, we are good letting critters hang around.   Coons on the other hand...destructive and will kill off a flock of chickens just for the 'practice'.  So I have learned that they need to go.

So far October has been beautiful and I have enjoyed watching the season change, and watch wildlife habits change with the weather.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who still lives in the moment and asks "What is October?"

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