Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hay Anchor...coolest thing since sliced bread...

Lots of horses....lots of hay.  When you have lots of hay and no big coverall building to put them under, you have to tarp it.  In the past we have used lots of rope, tied on cinder blocks, tires, etc., to hold the tarps down. 

Then Brian found these little gems in a catalog two or three years ago.  They are absofreakinlutely awesome!  They are hard plastic, still look new even tho we use the heck out of them, and they are basically big screws.

They are very easy to use and they hold tight!  Just hook them in your tarp loop, pick a spot you want to secure, and start screwing the anchor into the bale.  The only time it gets tough is when you get almost flush with the bale.  It is tough because you are now turning the top of the anchor and having to flip it across the loop.
On the other hand, see the hex shaped topper on the head of the anchor?  That is so you can use a tool to screw them in.  Me?  I don't carry tools to the hay storage area so my hands will have to do.

It is also easy to make adjustments as you pull bales out of the stack and have to wrap the tarp around.


We got this side secured then pulled it tight on the other side.

I am telling you, these things are worth their weight in gold.  Especially with the price of hay right now and not wanting any weather waste.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants to know what the big deal is about the color orange...

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Ashley Brandt said...

Just came across your wonderful article. My dad and I are the ones who make these, and it was so fun to stumble across this, even if you posted it a year ago. We're going to push really hard in 2014 to get these into the market, because we have so many people who love them, so we know they work!