Monday, October 8, 2012

Trail Ride at Indian Camp Creek Park in Wentzville, MO

September 23, 2012 we headed back to Indian Camp Creek Park in Wentzville, MO.  This time there would be twice as many of us meeting up to ride.  Yay!
There were 8 riders with 8 mustangs and the honorary mustang, Joe.  Altho Joe is quite secure in his domestic horsehood.  :-)

Patty and I drove in that morning and got there early.  The rest of the group was having vehicle problems so were running behind...Patty and I decided to take a short ride to find the bathrooms.  On the way back we laughed about the horses thinking that their ride was done for they day....they went....they came back....they are done.....

Tripp meets Dusty, Patty's 2 yr old mustang that she is going to pony.  Dusty ponied with us last time and he did so good! 

Patty is on Joe and Dusty is wearing a bareback pad for more experience.  

Tripp says "Yeah, it is that way..."

By the time we got back (we took time to visit with another rider on the trail) everyone was there and getting unloaded.  

This is Walt and Melody who used to work at the Ewing, IL BLM facility.


Valero is Jessi's 2010 EMM yearling mustang.  He sure has grown up!  This boy has huge feet and leg bone. I can only imagine how big he will be when he is fully grown.  Valero and Jessi are quite a team and he will do anything in the world for her!  Jessi is the only one who has trained Valero, which is even more impressive and I think it means more to Jessi.   



HEY!  I AM CUTE TOO!!!!  (Yes you are!  Even at this funny photo angle)

Remember I mentioned the horses thinking they were done with their ride?
Here is Tripp wondering what the heck we are doing!  HA HA!
He really did give me some problems.  He is not even close to being herd bound so following the group was not something he felt he needed to do.  We finally came to an understanding....

And they are off....and my lovely Tripp is not very impressed.

Chris and Gem at the creek crossing.

Chris and her long time friend Melody...

 One of the best way to get a clear picture while riding...let your horse eat grass.  :-)

Angela on Cord....I did something my Mom used to do.  I cut off her head!  ACK!

The trails out here are great.  There are creek crossings, lots of single track wooded trails, and open areas.  We met several hikers, bicyclists and dogs hanging out with their humans.

Jessi on Valero, and her long time family friend Kristi on Jessi's other mustang, Kahlua.

I find that most people driving thru the park are just like most of us...they love to stop and watch the horses go by.  I don't think I will ever grow out of that.  :-)

The last time we were here Tripp was not so sure about the sand.  Okay, he freaked out and started going backwards very quickly.  This time when Patty and I headed to the bathrooms before the rest of the group showed up, I took Tripp down first and he was a doll!  Did not even hesitate!

Patty and Joe hanging on to Tripp while I take a bathroom break.  There are very nice facilities thru the park.  Yes, it appears the facilities are the woods, but there really are buildings with toilets in them.  :-)

After the ride the horses are hanging out...


I let Tripp graze.  He seemed pretty comfortable so I trusted him not to wander off too far.  Green grass = happy tummy = horse that is easy to catch when it is time to go.

The weather was gorgeous and I do believe the group had a great time.  There are other trails out there and I would like to ride them too.  I lose my bearings and sense of direction, so I am not 100% sure where we rode in reference to the trails on the map.  I will figure it out someday....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he was never really afraid of sand.  He just did that to make me think I had accomplished something big by getting him to go in a 2nd time without any freaking out.  :-)

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