Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little bit of this and little bit of that...September

Well holy moly, where the heck did September go?  Trail rides, Buck clinic, and hanging out at home. 

I will try to keep this post less wordy than the last couple.  :-)

Batman and Tripplette coming to say hello.

It isn't too often that Thomas is in the house all day...but when he is, he and Coco snuggle.  We adopted them together, both as adults, and they were not even housed together.  Thomas was fostered for the local Humane Society and Coco was at the local Humane Society main building....and they just meshed. 


Hershey says that she might still be a little boney looking, but she is feeling much better.  She has even ran from one spot to another.

When there is no good grass to eat, weeds look pretty darn good.

Tripplette and Hershey coming to greet me as I come in the small gate.  Okay, not really.  They think I am leaving the gate open so they can eat grass in the yard, and the llama knows these two get the good stuff so he is sticking close.  :-)

We had a few rain showers come thru...even tho the rain missed us in most cases, we got some great sunrises and sunsets.

Synchronized ears...

Tandee....what can I say about her?  She is considered a Sr. at age 31, but she is still sassy and trots all over the place.  When the whole herd gets fired up about something, she will run and kick up her heels just like they do.  Then there are some days where she just looks tired...

And there are some photos that make her look deformed.  ACK....what the heck?  Look at that neck.  So people, I am telling you, if you see a picture of a horse that is less than perfect, that might show rib, or might show a horse with 3 legs - do NOT jump to conclusions.   Sometimes it just might be the angle.

Nosing around...nosing there is a treat cube somewhere for each of them.  :-)

Tripplette and Batman mauling me...

Chase the llama is a hoot.  He is nosey and always thinks he has to be in the middle of everything.  I am working outside of their pen and he just doesn't see how that can be fair.  Hmpf.

Bye bye September 2012....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who lives in the moment....and asks "What is September?"

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