Friday, August 23, 2013

August 4, 2014....Wyoming goes to the creek again....

I love summer and staying busy (a.k.a. riding...hee hee!) but I miss blogging.  So here I am....wondering where July went, and on August 22nd (that be today) I am wondering what happened the first part of the month.

I can't remember if I posted this picture or not.  Brian picked blackberries at a friends place and found this monster!  They were all real big, but this was the grand daddy of the bucket! I ate a couple to find out if I still don't like black berries.  Nope, still don't like them.  Brian said "Good!  More for me!"

Okay, on to the fun stuff.  Wyoming and I have been getting out as much as we can.  He needs the practice and so do I.  We rode the big loop again and headed to the creek to play.
I love these roots and wonder what kinds of critters live in them and the water below.

It did not take long for Wyoming to get the water stirred up.  At one point I thought he was going to lay down, and I was just going to suck it up and be okay with a wet saddle.  Thankfully he never did lay down.  But he sure did play a lot!

Time for a drink...

And time for a snack!  Yum yum yum...


This tree got bent over when we had the heavy snow and it has stayed that way.  I like the arch it makes over the trail.

View between some cute black tipped is good!

 "Hey Girl, that flying thing is back!"

"Someday I want to fly across the water....."

"Oh look, a happy couple walking on my trail.  I love happy couples!"

It was a good ride day!  There were more people out enjoying the area today than I have ever seen on one ride.  Families walking the trails, joggers, bicycle, and other riders. 

We did the long route and he was ready to keep going.  We did over 16 miles and the main thing we need to practice besides the basic skills is dealing with other horses on the trail.  He still loses his mind if horses try to go by us.  He thinks he needs to go too.  I know it will come with time, but I wish I knew how to be a strong enough leader for him to be okay with us leaving them behind.  I am still trying to figure out how to catch his mind.  Someone mentioned tail work...I love that!  I think he does too!  I really need to make it to a Ttouch clinic.  Another person mentioned "move his feet and change directions a lot".  Well that is a great idea too, but his feet ARE moving...just not where I want, and he gets so tense and is so strong, I could not hold him if he took a notion to just go.  I do try tho. Time....lots and lots of time and not giving up.  Right?  I will say it is not all a fail.  The last time he was great when a group was approaching us, and they actually got to go by us and a short ways down the trail before he succumbed to the pressure of them leaving.  That was a pretty big yes, is improving.  And that is why I love blogging; I remember the successes.  :-)

I have been enjoying him a lot this summer.  I have goals for us and can't wait until he is ready to tackle the first one.  I mean goals other than the normal basic training and wet saddle blankets.  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks flying over water is a Mustang Pipe Dream....
(Tripp says that, but I believe he is jealous he didn't think of it first, and I think Mustang Pipe Dream is going to be the name of his own blog...if Wyoming doesn't take it first!)

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