Saturday, August 3, 2013

July....where are you?

I have finally figured out how to get pictures off my phone and straight to the computer.  For some reason they were getting 'stuck' when I would try to e-mail them.  Anyways, with help from Brian, here are some of the most recent pictures.

Spider web with dew drops...

I took a quick bareback ride one evening and have this to show for it!  It is better than a first place ribbon in my book!  :-)

Brian had a few minutes so played with Zeph for a while.  He never did get on her because she got nervous, but he did work with her to help her work through the nerves a bit.  Little by little and they will get there.  I try to remind him that a few minutes here and there consistently is going to do so much for the both of them.

Zephyr listened to the sound of the spray bottle, but other than that she didn't respond.  Good girl!

Yep, Brian took his turn at milking a goat!  Ha!  This is the only night he helped...the rest of the time he wandered around making sure the friends flower bed was looking good and making sure black berries were not going to waste.

One of the piggly wigglies that got to enjoy the goat milk.  I have not had pigs since I was a kid, and I loved them!  I would go out and holler, and they would squeal and come running.  Brian looked at this picture and said "Yep, nice pork belly" then explained that is where the good part of the harvest is going to come from in a month or two.  Yummy!

Brian reached down to pull a nettle, and this little racer snake was hiding under it.  The nettle stayed another day.  

Wyoming and I had one of our longest rides ever! It was 16 1/2 miles long and a very good day!
He has never been down to this brick layered bridge crossing, and he sniffed at it and we rode right over!  Woo hoo!  

He got to play in the creek for a while. 

There are some nice areas along the trail that are great for taking a quick break...and he gets to munch grass while I take my quick break.

Mid afternoon the sky was was so beautiful!  We made it to the small lake and there was a family fishing on our side, and several people on the other side.  Wyoming got to see his first sail boat.  If you click on the picture to make it better, you will see it on the other side.  The people also had a canoe and a couple kayaks.  It was a fun day for everyone!

This should be up by the other picture...but I am not going to move it.  The creek goes around the bend.  I have not been down that far yet.  I might have to put that on my next 'to-do- list for that area.

The next day was Tripp's turn.  He did not do the 16 1/2 miles.  His was much shorter.  He had a weepy eye and after a while he just wasn't himself.  We still had a good ride, but I could tell he was different.  So we took it easy and moseyed around our loop.

This batch of purple flowers sits in the middle of all the foliage.  The sun was shining just perfect so the purples popped, and the butterflies were out in full force.  What an unusual and very welcome weekend to have in July.  Temps in the upper 70's to low 80's and low humidity. 

We made it to the creek and Tripp went in and drank, but he didn't play.  Maybe he has a cold like I did.

Look at us!  He is photobombing the picture that I was photobombing!  Ha ha!

Tripp is so cute!


These are much harder to take with my phone!  But a camera is not on the budget yet.  Dave Ramsey says it isn't a NEED, it is a WANT.  Okay, fine!  This free spirit girl WANTS a camera that works!  :-)

The creek is very rocky going the other direction.  We don't do rocky like this.  Maybe someday...but not today.

I love single track trails!  Don't ask me why because I really don't know.  Maybe because my imagination goes wild about it being a rustic place, only wild life goes out there, we are treading on land that not many people tread on....the list goes on.  :-)
Then there is Tripp thinking - yep, that is the way back.

When I got back Brian had unloaded a bunch of round bales and we needed to get the big tarp on was almost dark.   We boosted me up there to help pull the thing over (the ropes got stuck between bales and the thing quit moving).  While Brian was figuring a out a few things down below, I plopped myself down and did what all girls do...I took a picture!  I am only about 12 feet up.

I have done a lot of riding this year and have loved it.  I am also lucky to have a husband who encourages me to go riding instead of throwing the guilt trip on me. 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who wants a pirate patch for his weepy eye...Arrrrr Matey Nicker Snort!

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