Friday, August 23, 2013

Brian and I had a fun weekend...

We woke up with no plans.  It has been a while since that happened!  We decided to go to the Rutledge, MO flea market.  Here is some metal yard art.  This bird is made out of a bike fork, a couple of rake heads, a shovel head and some kind of thing off a piece of farm machinery.  I really need to take a metal art welding class!  I love the crazy birds!

Then we went on a trail ride!  :-)

While Brian was getting Tripp tied in, Wyoming thought he would get a little closer and wait.

"Mom, you might want to come in here to help the Boy out.  This is taking longer than expected."

"Never mind Girl; he seems to have it under control now.  He is just a little slow but he will learn.  Nicker snort!"

One of the fun things about riding with Brian is we can take pictures of each other!  I did not have to do one self portrait.  :-)

"What is taking you all so long?  Oh wait, look at me!  I am walking way ahead and not freaking out!"

Just around the corner from the parking lot....what a great ride!  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  :-)

We had a lot of fun on this day.  We did have a couple little "Wyoming moments" but they were not bad.  One time he didn't want to walk down the steep hill by himself so when he got to a certain point he stopped then started backing up.  He ignored me and tucked that butt under him...and scooted back up that hill backwards!  Brian and I were both shocked he made it.  To make a point I backed him farther than he wanted to go, then we went back down the hill where Brian and Tripp were waiting for us.  That was stressful for Wy.  And a couple other times Brian and Tripp went around a corner so we were out of sight for ONE SECOND!  Wyoming didn't like that.  We practiced that a little bit more....and let's just say we need to practice it a lot more.  Ha! 

Brian trotted Tripp today....and he was like a little kid with a new toy!  It was awesome!  It has been quite a while since Brian has spent much time in the saddle, so that was a big deal for him (and me). 

I really do love that we can get out and do this together.  :-)  Sharing something like this with the person you love is priceless!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants to know why Wyoming gets the Girl all the time!  It just isn't fair!  And Brian and Wyoming who think Tripp is a Drama King!  Ha ha!

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