Friday, August 23, 2013

Madison and Red...

When I was out of town for three weeks for work Madison latched on to Jay's horse Red.  Red is like a big dog.  He will leave the hay bale to come hang out with the humans.  He is very laid back but don't underestimate him.  He has some zip when he wants to.  But his first choice is to relax with his peeps.

Right now Red is the perfect horse for Madison.  And the better she gets he will still be the perfect horse for her.  :-)  She is very nervous and unsure around the horses, but Red is different.  He stands there perfectly still to be petted, hugged on, petted some more, and he is perfectly happy.  I have not so secretly wanted Madison to get comfortable with the horses so we can all ride together.  I would go out and hop on him without a halter or anything to show her how great he was.  I would have fun with it and she would just watch....I knew deep down she wanted to get on too...she just had to be ready.  

I contacted Jay and he was good leaving Red here.  Madison now has her own horse.   :-)
She is busy with school activities so she isn't here a lot, but that is okay.  It is a start.

I wanted to get a few pictures of her with Red, and she brought him out to the yard.  Brian asked her if she needed a boost up and she said "No, I will go to the trailer."


The pictures tell it all.  It took me along time to realize not all little girls are like I was.  All I have known is the love for horses, so naturally I thought Brian's kids were freaks because they did not feel the same way.  Jordan is still a freak....Madison is breaking out of her freak mold.  Ha ha! 

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he is building up his glutes it should not be all about the little red horse!

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