Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being alone....but not being lonely....

First of all, I got a whole extra day of my life I didn't know I had! I was thinking it was Wednesday, but it is only Tuesday! Woo hoo! I love getting extra days when I don't expect it! There are still a lot of things I want to see and do!

No pictures on today's post. It was Brian's evening with his kids, so I took Tripp out to ride. You know the cell phone commercial and "the Network" is always following the cell phone users around? Brian is my "Network"....except my Network takes breaks! ha ha!

This evening Tripp and I headed back to Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area with plans on riding the camping and parking lot area. He was very ancey pants when we arrived and just would not stand still. He wasn't acting scared of being there - just ancey. Could be because it was cooler out...don't know. At this point I thought I would just saddle him up, walk him and lunge him a little bit, then decide at that time if I wanted to get on or not.

He was not listening to me as good as he usually does, but I decided to get on anyways. He had energy to burn...

He stood still while I got on, and away we went. We wandered around the parking area, then we rode around the parameter of the gravel area. The big water puddle was still out there so we worked with that. He did not want to go thru it - was not even interested in sniffing it! We walked around it, walked thru the mud, then worked our way to the puddle.

We also rode down the trail a little bit - there were a couple of washed out areas where the cloth that is under the gravel was showing. I really don't know if he didn't like it, or if it was an excuse to act scared, walk thru the chest high grass, then battle me to keep him moving and to keep that head up. He is a thinker, and I am convinced he had it planned! :-)

We rode a short ways until we made it to the road crossing, then headed back. Have you all seen the movie Finding Nemo? Remember Dori? Dori was there, then forgot she was there? But hey, she could speak Whale! Anyways, on the way back it was Dori syndrome.....we were moseying down the trail and we saw the parking and camping area again, and he acted like he had not seen it before! His interest in going to the 'new' area made me think of Dori. It was pretty cute!

While we were riding the camping area, an airplane flew over. They came back and circled several times. Tripp noticed it the first time it went over - I could tell by his reaction, but it was no big deal...he just knew it was there. It came back flying a little lower and Tripp spotted it coming towards us over the tree line. He stopped and watched it as it flew over us, and circled back around again. I really wish I knew how he saw it.....was it just a blurry movement with a funny sound in the sky? All I know is he was looking up, and seemed very interested in it. He was not worried about it, just curious.

When we came back he and my older Arab mare touched noses, and they both nickered at each other. It was so sweet.....
It is one of those happy and sad things. Sad because he is 4, and she is 27. Sad because even tho there are other horses around, she never really had a horsey friend after her buddy Druch died in 2004. The happy thing is her and Tripp are friends. Truly friends. :-)
She was very vocal about not being happy I took Tripp this evening....and they both made it very clear they were happy to be back together again. :-)

Monday the two of them are heading to the vet - probably not the 'date' they wanted! Ha ha! Tandee is getting her teeth floated, and Tripp is getting his wolf teeth checked and maybe removed. Will let the vet decide what needs to be done. Since Tripp didn't adjust to the bit as well as other horses, I thought I better get him checked.

Knowledge....it is a very powerful thing, but it can really drive a person crazy with worry. I look back and realize I knew NOTHING about horses when I was a kid - but I sure put a lot of miles on them. I never worried about wolf teeth - didn't know what they were. Now that I know, I try to do everything I can to make sure my horses are as comfortable as possible. Brian and I both keep learning and will never stop! It is great!

I had a lot of fun this evening.....I can't wait until Tripp and I can go on a long trail ride! Rudolf Bennitt is where Tandee and I used to ride for hours and hours. :-) I am back!

Until later.....Karen and Tripp


EXTH said...

Hi there
Robert Carlson here the guy with the charlie chaplin video. View some of my blogs and videos.T I had some problems with the saddle pad. He smelled it once and then tried to climb out the round pen.lol I have put hours and hours of time into him and took my time with any problems we came across. Now Artista will nicker to me and I nicker back. He is now my herd mate and has been for about 1 1/2 weeks now. He will follow me anywhere. Its real cool when they team up with you. I love this guy and sure hope that I can be able to keep him(meaning that I dont get outbid) I have been looking at your blog from time to time as well.
Keep up the good work


Judy and Bob said...

Woo! Our 2 month anniversary trail ride is going to be awesome!
Go Tripp!!!