Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Illusion of Speed.......

F.Y.I. - Click on the picture to make it bigger and you will notice that Tripp's legs appear to be moving so fast you can't see them! Ah yes, the Illusion of Speed! :-)
This is what happens when you have low batteries in the camera. Brian took several pictures and only a couple were half way clear. We got a late start tonite because we had to fix the underground dog fence....great when they work but a royal pain in the butt when there is a break, or two, or three!

We got the underground fence fixed and headed to the Conservation Area parking lot/camping area. There is enough gravel and good drainage to play around a little bit. I knew I would not have time to hit the trail, but that was fine....I just needed some saddle time.

Holy moly! He was full of himself tonite! I lunged him a few minutes first and he even did some bucking. It was not one of those 'out to get me' kind of things. He was just feeling good and was ready to go somewhere and see something.

When I got on he would not stand still - so we did our bending circle thing until he stopped...and stopped again....and stopped again. Tonite sure was more of a challenge than a couple nights ago, but IT WAS FUN!!!! We did some trotting and I know he wanted to go go go, but it was getting late and I really don't need something bad to happen that time of night. Okay, any time of day or night would not be good for something bad to happen - but if I had to pick, I would make it earlier and in a more contained area! :-)

During his little song and dance of circles, we backed over a dead limb with noisy dry leaves and I was expecting him to hop around. He tucked that butt under him and was worried about it, but he didn't lose his mind over it. GOOD! At this point I still had only 1 foot in the stirrup. I really need to get them turned!

Here is Tripp and I after playing a while...almost time to go. I think he was bummed out. He really enjoys being away from the pens, and I can't blame him. I can't wait for our first long ride!

There were 4 other vehicles in the parking lot tonite, so we rode past them a couple of times. Didn't even phase him. Also had some vehicles drive by and the first couple caught his attention and he watched with interest, ears perked up, looking all cute, but nothing that worried him. The cars after that were not even worth a glance.

That is about it for tonite. Short and sweet.

Thanks for checking in!

Karen and Tripp

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Lynn said...

Hey Karen,

I have been meaning to get back with you...but life has been sooo busy!! We wanted to come to the pre-works, but it's not gonna work out. If it wasn't so far away we would definitely be there. It would take us over 12hrs to get there & probably cost $500 or more just in gas!!! I would love to meet you & everybody. Email me next week, if you get a chance, and let me know how it went. I would like a heads up on the competition .

There is a small arena nearby that puts on rodeos for the community and this weekend they are having a cow sorting practice, and even though I have never done it before, I think it would be really great to get Jimbo the exposure...

It's nice to know that I won't be the only one there in Sept. that has never shown before....I know that I will be a nervous wreck!!!! I get a knot in my stomach already! Maybe we can hang out and be nervous together!!!


PS have you gotten any sponsors yet??