Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 4 week anniversary to Tripp and I!!!

Tripp cruising right along...

Tripp holding the water hose all by himself...

Hello!!! It is exactly 4 weeks after I first met Tripp and fell in love with him. :-) Happy Anniversary to us!!!

After a while of 'playing' with the plastic bag, and Tripp letting me rub his withers with it, we called it quits on a good note and moved on to the mounting bucket! (that silly bag is still a challenge...but we are making progress)

When I was a kid I rode bareback all the time. Grab a halter or bridle, go catch a horse, and take off in a swimsuit, shorts and flip flops to the creek to play in the water. Those are great memories!
Well, let's just say my balance is not quite what it used to be and there is less bounce in my spring. Sitting on a horse bareback now is much more of a challenge! But it is a RUSH! It is a RUSH because I got up on Tripp again tonite, but I actually RODE him! YES YES YES!!! Sure, my balance was off, but Tripp doesn't know that I am supposed to feel differently up there. Won't he be a surprised fellow once I get it together! :-) Once I get it right, he just might want to keep me. Hee hee!

I was able to get him moving and he actually stopped most of the time when I asked. The tarp that was hanging on the fence got to moving in the wind and he got a little worried about it, but we worked thru it. Tripp also has a wonderful 'back' on him! He is so light and will take several straight steps back at a time. There were a couple times that he was picking up speed and the 'whoa' was not working. I finally remembered the one rein stop, duh, and it worked like a charm! As I was getting off of him, my right foot kicked his hip, he jumped, I struggled to stay up there because I wanted him to know it was okay, and I wanted to rub my foot and leg around on him. He stopped real quick, I rubbed him all over his rump, then slid off. I am so pleased and little bursts of giggles keep popping out of me at spur of the moment times!

We played in the hose again and I watched him roll. I kept telling him not to roll all the way over because I didn't want anybody to think he was worth too much! Ha ha! I will be honest....he did a 1/2 roll on one side, got back up and found another perfect spot, then did 2 1/2 rolls. He was a mud puppy by the time he was done. He looked so happy.

I have been working with Tripp for almost 1 month now. Working a full time job and trying to work with him every night has been a challenge. Tonite I realized I have not been visiting with the rest of the horses as much as I was before. Poor Wendigo's front hooves were horrible! I was so ashamed! Brian and I pulled her up to the barn lot and I got her fronts trimmed. They look so much better and I am sure she feels better. Everyone is caught up now except for Tripp. Oh yeah, I actually cleaned out his front hooves tonite without much ado, and we worked on the backs, but I have not cleaned them yet. I did put a rope around them and was lifting, but he didn't like it and kicked like crazy! I just stayed with him until he stopped, then I stopped.

Another good night!

Karen and Tripp

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