Monday, July 21, 2008

Video of Karen and Tripp from 7-20-08

Hello everyone, my husband Brian has been messing with the videos and music. This is what he came up with for Sunday's ride. It is about 5 minutes long, but very cool!


Karen and Tripp


Christina de Pinet said...

Hello Karen! I like that video! The sepia to color transition at the lyrics "suddenly I see", that was very clever. I also have two donkeys, but only one is a BLMer. Ajax and Zjax, what cute names! I think my helmet is also going to start seeing some use, once I get riding Nine.

Judy & Bob said...

Good video Brian! I love the credits at the end. LOL
Karen, you and Tripp are lookin good girl!

jessi said...

I loved the credits to and i also loved that word you used i don't even know how to say it but good work to both you and karen!