Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stuck tractor screws up plans.....

Well, I had big plans for the day that didn't pan out. Brian got the tractor stuck on the hill and we spent a good time trying to get the darn thing un-stuck!

Finally this afternoon while Brian was in 'think mode' I went out to play with Tripp. I knew I would not have time to get on him, so I worked with spraying him with fly spray and the plastic bag. The big surprise of the afternoon was Tripp let me spray him! Several days ago I had to ambush him from the tack room window - then duck down so he would not connect me to the stuff landing on him. Today I took the bottle out there and I hoped the noise would not get to him. He just stood there and let me spray the front of him! No halter or anything at that point! He did not like his rump sprayed, so I put the halter on and we worked on that for a little bit. This was the first thing we did. The spray I use is Basic H from Shaklee. Normally it works great for flies, but this year has been more of a challenge. It is environment friendly and when it rains he gets a nice bath! (we didn't have to wait for rain....we played with the hose again)

Then we moved on to the plastic bags. We were doing pretty good with them until the wind caught them and the bags blew up and hovered right over his upper neck! He froze and would not focus on me - then he blew up, got away from me and ran under the canopy. This happened twice. It really did not help that the first time the wind picked up, both feed sacks came flying at him too! Up to that point I thought we were doing okay, but I must have misread him. He would try to get away when the bag got past his withers, but when he hit the end of the lead rope he would turn around, face me, and come towards me. I was not happy with him being that freaked out, so I threw the lead rope over his head, walked away, and started over by moving the bag around away from him, I would walk back and forth, then away from him. Eventually he would follow me and the bag - that way he was 'chasing' the bag, it wasn't 'chasing' him. I did get the bag to touch his face and neck again - I kept it soft and slow. I also kept it short and sweet from there. Once done with that guess what we did?

WE PLAYED WITH THE WATER HOSE AGAIN!!! WOO HOO!!! It was so darn hot and humid - the sweat was dripping off both of us, I thought the hose would be good for both of us. He does not like his butt squirted, so I squirted it! :-) He ran away from me butt tucked under him - it was funny! Then he came running back to me so I could squirt the front of him. I know I muddied up that part of his pen again, but we had fun so I don't care.

I had my camera hanging on the fence, but I forgot it was there. Duh! My main concern right now is getting him comfortable with those silly bags. There is something about them that sets him off. I still think it is the noise, but not 100% sure. We will figure it out. He is a thinker and really tries so hard! Brian suggested starting out each session with the bag, keep it short, then move on to the fun stuff.

Brian built Tripp and I a bridge yesterday! I can't wait to drag it in the pen and get Tripp up on it. I think he will be fine with it judging by how he walked on the 2x12 board I have laying there.

And last but not least, the neighbor came down with his tractor and he and Brian got our tractor un-stuck.

That is all for now.....
Until later.....Karen and Tripp

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