Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We shrotted!!!

Tripp is beginning to relax and move out a little bit more. Yay!

(I am attaching a video of us moving around - and not moving around at one point...he got stuck in one spot)

Well, tonite Tripp and I shrotted! Let me explain...a girl I used to work with has a very good friend with a curly haired daughter that is cuter than heck! Her name is Taylor, but we call her Bammit. When she was 3 yrs old she was walking across a rocky parking lot and kicked a rock or something....then said "Bammit!" You know what she meant! ha ha! Bammit comes from a rodeo family so is totally fearless with the horses. One day she was trotting on one of the horses, and she told everyone "I shrotted!" So, yep, we TROTTED!

Tonite I let him wear the headstall and bit for a while until I got done with other things. He picked it up and held it quicker than he did last night. He even did very good with his bending with the bit. He doesn't like it, but he did it. :-) I don't know who was happier when I took that bridle off - him or me!

I put the halter back on him and saddled him up. I have not had time to take the saddle in for the adjustments I need. We are taking it tomorrow after work. Even tho the stirrups are too long we picked the pace up a little bit. He finally relaxed and dropped that head and really walked out. In fact, we were both more relaxed and it felt great! We even trotted a couple of times! The good trot was the first one which of course we did not get video of. :-) The second trot was just a couple of steps, but we did get it on video.

I was very pleased with tonite and am really hoping we don't get any rain this weekend. The ground is dried out nice, and I need it to stay that way a few more days.
We did have one minor mishap, but we both survived. We were walking along and he tripped and went down to his knees. I had a moment of panic wondering if I should try to get off before I scare Tripp and have him spook and/or jump away, or stay in the saddle and hold on to that horn for dear life until I knew what he was going to do. I opted for holding on to the horn - he stood up and shook it off! We just stood there a minute, Brian checked his front legs to make sure we didn't have issues, then we moved on. I was soooooo proud of him for not over reacting. I really love this guy!

After we were done and I brushed him down, then we did some walking in and out of the gate. We did that several times and he didn't show any attitude at all. I will add to it every night, and make the ground coverage a little bigger so he knows what is acceptable and what isn't.

Another great night...........

Until later, Karen and Tripp

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Angela said...

You guys look great together! Glad you got him to shrot! What's the next gait called???