Sunday, July 19, 2009

One post of two tonite...not in order...

I am having problems posting on the blog won't bring in more photos so I could not add more and then organize them...darn it! Kinda hard to tell a story out of order. :-)

Wyoming was a good boy today while being doctored by Brian. He has that special touch when it comes to things like this. I was so grateful he was here. Wy's drain hole is still open, but it is getting smaller and the swelling is going down. There is still the hard small knot, but we are not worried about that. Wy is still full of it and has been running the fence line in between eating grass.

Today was a great day with Copper. You know what it is like to start a new job? You have a great day, you feel like you are understanding, then you go back the next day and you feel like you are starting from scratch? That is what today was like. I walked into the pen and he skedaddled himself away from me like I was going to eat him. It did not take long to get his attention. Before I looped the long line around his neck I tried to get close with the whip and rub his back. He let me...I was excited!

My goal today was to get the halter off. It was adjusted too tight and it was rubbing his cheek bones. I spent a lot of time working my way around the halter...I left my stick leaning against him and he did not care. It did fall down and he did not flinch...woo hoo!

I blow in his nose...

Finally! The halter is off and he is happy. I put goopy stuff on the rubs to keep the flies off.


I will be posting again.....

Karen and Tripp

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