Sunday, July 19, 2009

EMM mustang has a name...

....and he shall be called Copper. I was sitting out there watching him eat and the sun was shining. His coat threw off this coppery glimmer in the sunlight, so I asked Brian what he thought. He liked it, so Copper it is.
Today I also noticed that he has some roaning around his flanks and the top of his withers.

We started working today and I got my soft cotton lunge line looped around his neck. I opted not to have a lead rope put on him so I am improvising until he realizes I am friend, not foe.
I have no idea how long I was out there with him - don't wear a watch and don't care what time it is unless I need to be somewhere.

He was letting me rub him with my stick on his left side, but he was much better on his right, which made me say "Hmmmmmmm...."

The rope slipped and was around his legs. He walked around the pen a couple times with me moving the rope around his legs, and I am happy to say that he did not go any faster than a walk, and he did not seem too worried about it. Don't get me wrong, he is still jumpy about things, but he did not feel the need to escape or fight the rope...
I even lifted the back foot with the rope and he did not strike out.

I did get to touch his right side a few times, but he only stood for a short time before he walked away. No worries...he will work it out.
Notice the rope still around his rear leg.

Brian brings me some 'treat hay' for him, and he gives Copper a hand full. Copper is being exposed to more than one person in the pen, which doesn't bother him as long as food is involved. We will need to try it without food to see how he handles that.

Brian was doing some mowing and Wyoming jumped a little bit, but just as quick started walking towards the fence to check out the loud contraption...he was very curious.

I hopped on Tiger bareback and we mozey'd around the barn lot for a while. He really has a great temperament. We are still working on our 'go' and the 'stop' is better, but still needs work.

A reminder that Batman is still a baby and needs Mom. Sometimes I forget because he is so full of himself and he hangs out with the big boys a lot. His face is shedding and it is the same buttermilk color as his fuzzy foal hair.

Batman and Tiger hanging out.

It has been a very exciting weekend so far...I really can't believe I am doing the EMM again! :-)

That is all for is 2:13 a.m. and I really need to wind down!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Christina de Pinet said...

Copper is a great name, Karen! He's a good looking guy, I wish you tons of luck with him! I've had a few rides on Nine, but gosh it's hard without a baby sitter... My three days a week are too measly for three horses, plus house work, etc. And school starts next month... Anyways, keep us updated on Copper's training!

Kahlua's BFF! said...

I had soo much fun with you guys and can't wait to see what you and copper do! HEHE! :)

Karen C. said...

Christina, I have a great suggestion to help you free up a little bit of time...SKIP THE HOUSE WORK! I DO! :-) Girl, just ride when you can...even the little bits of riding keep them on their toes, and us on ours.

Jessi, we are so glad your Mom and Dad trusted us to take you for the day! It was so much fun! We will keep working on your Dad for yearlings next year....hee hee!

Jill said...

I love the name Copper. It didn't end up taking you long either:)I love his head, I believe he has that look of eagles they talk about. Batman is so funny, stomping and squealing at the new guy?? I bet Copper couldn't believe it. And - NICE ride on Tiger, and no fences for backup? Wow!! That is exciting to hear that Batman looks like he is shedding out to stay buttermilk!!! I am attached to him in that color!

Anonymous said...

I like Copper too. As far as you not believing you are doing EMM again, HA! You believe it! Whether you will admit it or not, now that is a different question altogether.

Your wonderful boss.

Patti said...

Hey Karen,
Missing your wonderful narrative updates BUT do understand your spreading yourself thin. Loved the Tiger,Brian & Batman video. What a character Batman full of it. Good Luck and love the name you chosen..."Copper"... :)