Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video - Wyoming's First Trail Ride

Wyoming has been taken on walks at the wildlife area, but we have never ridden out there. Actually one night we walked to the lake and on the way back we put Brian's daughter, Madison on him (will do a picture blog later) so he technically was ridden on the trail.

Yesterday evening I took him out there and it was just he and I .... and we went for a ride. Anybody who follows the blog knows I ride in the halter then move to my bitless bridle. Right now I am sticking to the halter until I know what his adopter is going to do. It also lets me know what I need to work on without a bit being accidentally yanked around in his mouth if I lose my balance during a spook, etc. Also, if I need a bit for 'control'...I need to go back and do more work. I do realize some shows require a bit - I have signed petitions trying to change that.

Here is a 3 1/2 minute video of our trail ride. The only music is the sound of his hooves on the gravel trail, and me talking once in a while (but not much). We rode all the way to the lake! He did get a little ouchy so I walked him back. I need the exercise anyways. Wish we had more rocks on our place to condition the horses feet - but we don't.

I almost slipped right over his head about 15 seconds into the ride because he made a dead stop to check out the mystery manure. I think he surprised himself as much as it did me! We were right over it and I was thinking how impressed I was that he was not going to try to smell it, then all of a sudden he realized it was there. His front legs were sprawled out in front, and his nose was under his belly...that is how far over the manure he was. So when he stopped and I went forward, there was no neck to push myself back up! Thank goodness my lack of balance did not startle him! :-)
Everything else was great...only a couple little spooks that warranted a couple quick steps and him listening to the scary things (think I startled him once with my quick movement), then we went on our way. I was very proud of him!


Until later...Karen and Tripp who is ticked that Wy went to the trail without him!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Karen!!!!And your camera angle gave us viewers a great trail ride simulation, just like those video games!!Do you strap it on or hold it? I'm dying to know.

Karen C. said...

Hi! I was holding it. I had to stop taping at the 2nd dry creek crossing because he did not want to go up the hill. (I really wanted video of that too) Needed to free up both hands to guide him.
It was fun to tape...I love watching it and listening to his hooves on the gravel...just like I am there again, minus the spider webs between the trees! Ha!