Friday, July 31, 2009

Video - Brian and Tiger

Sometimes surprises are fun - and this surprised me! I am not going to tell you what it have to watch! :-) Enjoy!

Until later, Karen and Tripp


Jeannette said...

Alright Brian !!! Whoo !!
Karen You did a fantastic job with Tiger an Wy .. You should be very proud !
Is that Brian's first time riding a Mustang ?
Its a good thing Batman was there to "help" an control the situation. LoL
That was absolutely awesome !

Karen C. said...

Hi Jeanette!

Brian did ride Mustang Tripp in the pen last year when I was working with him. Other than that, he has not actually ridden since he was a teenager! He just hopped up there and mozey'd around the barn lot area...and Tiger actually responded to his legs for direction.
I agree....Whoo!!!! :-)
Yep, Batman was Tiger's pillar! Ha ha!!!

Karen and Tripp

Angela said...

Batman is a little cut up! How cute!Great job Brian! Tiger is doing awesome!

Kahlua's BFF! said...

Karen that is Hilarious! I love batman! He thinks he is such a big man!

Jill said...