Sunday, July 19, 2009

Second post of was operator error. :-)

Millie was taking siesta on the pond bank...

Copper thought fly spray smelled funny!

Copper still was not very comfortable with me using both hands by his head, but we worked it out and got that halter off. After getting the halter off I wiped fly spray on his face...

Rubbing his forehead with the friendly pink stick. He changed his mind about it being a bad thing once he realized that the stick and string both helped to make flies go away. His poor face was just covered in flies and it was driving both of us crazy!

Found an itchy spot!

Today was fantastic! If you would have asked me on Friday how long I thought it would take to touch him, I would have said about a week based on how he loaded and unloaded. He has totally wowed me!

I can throw the string over him, tangle it around his ears, flip it around his legs, and he doesn't care.

We did have a freak out moment this morning. I noticed him rolling, then went back to what I was doing, then I heard this awful racket! I looked over and saw two panels and the gate in the air, still attached in spots. He had got his legs in the panels and was fighting it. He got unstuck and there was a big opening in the panels where they landed! I found out I can run when I need to! Thankfully I got to the opening before he got his wits about him and realized he could easily join the other group in the yard with lots of grass! I was a little freaked out....but it turned out okay. I went in the pen and stayed until he settled down and ate some hay from my hand. Whew!

Okay, time for bed.

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Jill said...

Karen, he reminds me of a thorougbred. I love that head, shoulders, and neck attachment! And does he have some NICE saddle holding withers!!! Love that. I am dying to see some trot pictures, does he look like a dressage horse??

Karen C. said...

Jill, my first thought when I saw him move was Dressage. That is what I told Brian, and I was wishing I knew more about it to show that part of him off. As soon as he is more comfy letting me pet him, I am going to enlarge the pen and we will get some trot video.

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

What a big boy he is. He is beautiful and seems to be very level headed. Love all of the pictures, and can't wait to follow your progress with Copper.