Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eastern Stampede EMM Pickup Day! Woo hoo!

Pick up day has finally arrived! Woo hoo! A friend of mine from work who used to ride as a kid went with us, along with Jessi, the daughter of Angela. Angela and Jessi went with us last year. Angela is with a friend in Wyoming for Cheyenne Frontier Days. So Angela missed out on visiting mustangs...lots and lots of mustangs! :-) (I am still heckling!)

Here is the group: Left to right...Jessi, Brian, Karen and Betty.

What is a trip without a self portrait?
Jessi and I mugging it up for the camera...

Here is how it worked this year - we show up, Walt, who works at the corrals is the lottery...the horse he has lined up behind the chute is the one you get. I go inside with the number he gives me and they give me my paperwork. I come back out, they double check brand and paperwork, we load up and go.

I ended up with a big bay, almost 16 hands worth of bay, with three white socks, a star and a snip, who is a 4 yr old gelding from Roberts Mountain, NV. He was captured January 21, 2008.
Since we ran inside to do the paperwork, I missed them putting the horse in the haltering chute - Jessi and Betty said that he was rearing up and was not going to have any of it. He had settled down by the time I got there, altho he gave Andy a run for his money when it came to haltering. Andy would just about have it buckled, and the horse would nod his head up and down real big. Andy dropped the halter I don't know how many times...I got the other one out of the truck and ended up leaving my purple one there - AGAIN! I left it last time after Walt forgot to put it on Tiger the TIP horse.
When the horse loaded, he blasted out of the chute and into the trailer...he stopped because he hit the front wall! He flew out of that chute like a torpedo! You all know the custom cars that have hydraulic shocks, and when they drive down the road they are bouncing all over the road? That is what the little trailer looked like when he was trying to get out! So not only was he big, he wanted OUT! At this point I was not worried about me being able to gentle him, I was worried about the pen at home being strong enough for him.

Here he is in the trailer.

He was shaking like a leaf when too many of us were standing close to the trailer, but he was curious enough to sniff hands as they came in. Here he is checking out Jessi.

Can't go to the BLM facility and not check out the other horses...took several pictures! There was one big gray mare who was a powerhouse! She was beautiful! Seeing as Ewing, IL is one of the last big stops, they get a lot of browns and sorrels. There was a little bit of color, but not much. The pen of EMM horses really stood out because they were all in very good shape - they have been fed differently. I would not say the others looked bad except for one (there could be many reasons for that), but you could see the difference. All the EMM horses were big and stocky - my guy is big but more lean built compared to a bunch of the others.

Jessi the Horse Whisperer...

Jessi feeding Greg's horse...did I mention that Greg Reynolds, EMM trainer many times, drove up to visit us? He lives a couple hours away...worked all night, took a quick nap, headed out, picked up his parents, and here they are. He did not have a trailer with him, but I have a feeling if he did, this one would have gone home with him! He was really scoping this one out! If I remember correctly, the number of the horse was that right Greg? Hee hee! I was just trying to help him figure out what one it know, helping to enable...I should have written the number down. :-)

Here is Greg checking them out...if you were closer, you would notice drool! Okay, maybe not drool, but he did appreciate that little horse! :-)

On the way thru St. Louis, Brian got this shot with the sign...he said it was an accident, but was glad it turned out! So am I! :-)

When he unloaded, he shot out of that trailer and I was soooooooo glad when he did not decide to challenge the corral panels. Height was not a problem, but I have seen a small 2 yr old filly tear up the good Priefert panels, and I have the cheaper ones! Yes, I was worried. He ran back and forth a couple times, I silently appreciated his power, then he stopped. Whew! It was only a couple of minutes before he was eating hay out of my hands. He snorted a bit, but not bad. That is when I realized that he was a lot bigger than Tripp was! We knew when he was loaded in the trailer, but I had not seen his whole body out in the open yet.

After giving him a few handfuls of hay, I gave him his flake and while he was taking small bites, I was touching his nose. His color and build remind me so much of Wyoming - Wyoming is just smaller.

He is getting the hang of this self portrait thing...

Mouth full of hay...

Batman meets the new mustang...

Batman just could not stay away from him! I got some video of Batman stomping and squeeling at the new guy! Batman was full of himself, and Tiger was always close by just in case. Tiger is Batman's protector. They are quite a pair...

We had a couple of ideas for names that just did not fit this horse's personality. So on the way back we went thru a lot of big strong names, but still, nothing stood out. There were some great names, but not for him. So as of arrival day, he is unnamed.

First impressions - "Wow! He is big!" I really like him, and once he settles down, he will do great. I just know it. He is curious about things and watches everything that goes on. I was very pleased with how he settled down.

Have to go thru another batch of pictures now....

Until later, Karen and Tripp who has reminded me that I can't keep this guy too. :-)

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