Friday, August 28, 2009

Copper Cooper is moving right along...

I have those natural nervous thoughts of "Am I doing okay?" "Will we make it in time?" "Am I really behind?" "How come I feel more dumb this year than I did last year with Tripp?"
Then I answer myself..."Yes, I am doing okay." "Yes, showing up to the event is making it in time!" "Yes, I am a little behind in my mind, but that is okay...we are improving." "I feel more dumb this year because I have had other horses to concentrate on in addition to Copper, whereas last year it was only Tripp."

I finally got Copper to pass thru his corral gate and we went for a walk around the barn lot area. Then we headed out to the yard. The next day I decided to see how he handles the trailer...I worry about those horrible memories not letting him realize it is okay, and he won't get hurt. I worried about that with Wyoming too! He was forced to load from the holding pens, then we had to trick him into loading for the Humansville, MO adoption, then he was ran back into the trailer when we brought him home for training. He was never asked...but he did great! He hopped right in, and I have never had to get in first.
I have to get in first with Copper, but I don't mind - HE ACTUALLY LOADED!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!
I was going to be happy with him putting a hoof or two up there, but he surprised me and came right in! We had to do some talking, and I had to talk sweet talk and wait him out, but we did it!

After going in and out three times, I am excited! Can you tell?

Copper is coming back thru the front yard gate - this is the first day he has been thru this gate and up to the trailer.

After coming thru the gate, he detours thru the walnut tree. :-)

I took his halter off for the first time and let him eat grass in the yard with the others.
Here we have Copper, Tandee my old Arab mare, and Wyoming.

Mustang and Wanna Be Mustang Butts Drive Me Nuts!

Copper and Wyoming...I was trying to get a good picture so you all could see the size difference, but it was hard. I think you can tell in this one...they are so similar in color when you just glance, we would lose track of who was where. They got along great...this is when I realized that it was Tripp who had issues with Wy, not Wy with Tripp. Okay, I realized it before this...Tripp can be a turd! But I still love him.

Chase the llama had to check out the new guy. The new guy does not take kindly to his flirting!

Snoop the Dog resting after watching horses is hard work you know!

Getting Copper out of that pen was good for his brain. He still over reacts, but he is leading so much better than before. We walked around and thru some things, and up and over the dirt pile. I think he is kind of lazy and did not want to, but I talked him in to it.
OH! Copper can buck! I had the saddle on him a couple nights ago, which is nothing new. That day I put in a small jump to give him something to pay attention to, and he would go around good a time or two, but then slow down. I could tap his rump with the stick and make noises at him, but he did not care. So I popped him with the end of the lead rope. I think it was the sting and the noise, and Brian thinks it was the stirrups - Copper probably thinks it was all of the above! All I know is he blew up, jumped with all 4 feet off the ground, and bucked around that pen twice! I just stood there saying "Wow! He is a powerhouse!" "WOW!" "Wow...I am so glad I am not up on him right now, because I would have never ridden that one out!" While he was bucking he did not lose all of his senses. He tapped himself into the panels, but not bad, and when he reached the jump he actually paid attention, then jumped with all 4 off the ground again right over it! Dang, that guy can buck big! He stopped and turned to look at me...with a very surprised look on his face. I walked up to him no problem, and I think he was sorry. We have a lot of work to do with scary things! Horse flies have been bad, so he is finally realizing that me flailing my arms all over the place is not a bad thing! :-)

So, yes, I am still nervous, and yes, I am happy with Copper and what he is doing.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Karen and Tripp


mkyamse said...

You are doing fine. Better to have a solid start than rush through and leave holes. Hope the bucking stops. I know all about that.

Angela said...

Copper's lookig fine....Love the look on your face when he loaded...