Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wyoming's Two Hour Trail Ride...Woo hoo!

Okay, someone kick me! But not hard enough to break anything, okay? I went on the most awesome trail ride with Wy tonite, and I did not have my camera. The two pictures I got were with my phone - at least I remembered that if anything happened to me!

Before I start I will tell you about the only two bad things that happened.
1. Horse flies on attack! Oh my gosh, squadrons of them swarming like crazy! They would mellow out a while, then there would be several on him and on my jeans and t-shirt. Argh!
2. I lost my Drivers License. Had it in my back pocket...must have worked it's way loose WHEN I WAS TROTTING!!!! YES FOLKS! We did a lot of trotting, but that falls into the great category! Wooooo hoooo hooooo!

Tonite we went the opposite direction to the lake. We rode along the side of the road and a couple vehicles went by without incident, we rode in the road and trotted on the road until the rock started making him stumble, then we were back on the side of the road again, part of the way we rode on the trail, we passed one parking lot with 2 horse trailers and 4 horses getting ready to ride. I thought Wy saw them but I guess not...he looked that way, but was not at attention like he normally is when he see's something he is interested in. We continued on our way and the other riders were behind us a good ways. Wy did not see them until they showed up in the parking lot where I was parked. We chatted a while then they headed back. They did not see my drivers lic because they were fighting horse flies. :-) We will go back tomorrow. I really don't want to have to go to the License Bureau.

When I remembered I could take a picture with my phone, he kept stopping and looking at what I was looking at. Sometimes I think he just knows things...and does stuff like this on purpose. :-)

We did bunches and bunches of trotting, and two short sessions of cantering. The first canter was very lop sided, and the second one was better and very smooth! It was easy from the trot and canter to shut him down into the walk.

He really cracks me up. When he see's something scary, he raises that head high and looks at it, then it feels like he puffs his chest out and then walks right towards it - like he is daring it to move! He then sniffs it, then moves on.
The scariest thing was going down to the lake - there are the two road block thingys and big boulders. He stopped and snorted, and then would take a couple very tense baby steps towards it. The other riders were at the top of the hill and I really wanted to keep in front of them so I could continue to do some trotting. It only took him a minute or so to decide those things were not evil. He tried the puffy chest thing, but it did not go as well as the big dark dead fallen trees. There were a lot of boulders surrounding him...just did not know what to think. :-) He worked it out tho...

If I had to pick a complaint, it would be his steering. I do notice it getting better, but he is still so stiff. We flex on the ground and when I get up on him, but he just is a tough one. I keep wondering what I can do different and have not found a solution yet. Maybe he is just going to be this way a while, and will improve with more rides.

Today's ride was the best so far and I was soooooo proud of him! Even tho he was scared of the boulders and road block thingy, he still did not spook. In fact, he did not spook at anything. Just got tense and walked by it...I love that! He is a youngster, but he is also a thinker.

We are headed down the road...

Next time I will remember my camera, and keep my drivers license in my front pocket!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wishes he could have gone instead. (Soon my friend...real soon!)

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Jill said...

Way to go. It is too bad your license bailed, it sounds like it was a great ride. I have some that need two hour rides, are you booked up? Would Tripp volunteer you out to me?