Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Copper has a party in his pen! Yee haw!

We had a pretty good rain here so things are muddy again. Instead of going riding, I worked with Copper. One of my many goals is to be able to saddle him without the halter on. He gets an A+! Well, we did not have the girth on...I did not want to bring that saddle out because of the mud. Will do that on a more dry day to see how he reacts to all the stuff hanging down.

Anyways, after throwing the saddle on I tried to lead him out of the pen. He just did not want to walk thru the gate, so everyone else came in! We had a party! Everyone showed up except for the donks.

Even Chase the llama showed up and flirted a little bit. That still disturbs me.

Batman says: "PARTY!!!!!!"

Batman tried to help lead Copper out of the pen...

But this is as far as Copper got...that is okay...baby steps.

I was also throwing the Dummy Legs on him. I wish I got this on video because it was too funny! Something startled him and he took off trotting away from me, so I boomeranged those Dummy Legs his direction and they landed on his back! He trotted a few steps, I got his attention, then he stopped. It really was hilarious because for one thing, I don't think I could have aimed and got those things up there, and for another thing, Copper was just as shocked as I was!

We are working on putting stuff on his head. He doesn't like it one bit, especially when it makes his ear crooked!

Have not done one of these in a while...good 'ol self portrait!

I figured that whoever decides to adopt Copper should have a close up of his cute nose.

Remember that little chick that was a lot bigger than the rest? He is still big and he has quite the feathery beard. That little sucker attacked me the other day - TWICE! If he isn't careful he will be going to the stew pot!

In spite of the mud it was a fun night. I got horse time in, and I got some garden time in. Tomatoes are ripening like crazy! I need to make time to do some freezing.

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Angela said...

Hey, can you bring an assistant to the EMM to help you lead Copper thru the in hand course? I think Batman's volunteering for the job...that would be seriously cute!

Good luck with the gate thing...try the squeeze game, get him used to going thru lots of tight places and maybe the gate won't be so intimidating to him. I remember someone with another mustang got them out of the pen but had to back them in to get them back into the pen! LOL....

mkyamse said...

That pic of Batman and Copper is priceless.

Jill said...

I can't believe their party didn't turn into a brawl, based on how mine get along. Could it be the presence of Batman and Robin? Your rooster does have an impressive beard. If you do make Rooster Stew, I will need that recipe. And, thanks for the tip of blanket over the head, I have never done that in my life! I will be trying that soon.