Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wyoming goes on a trail ride...with 4 other horses!

Chris, who was the first to touch Wyoming, and her husband Phil, son Kenny, and his best friend Jay came to our area and we rode at Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area. They are used to unmanicured trails with a greater degree of difficulty - this will be gravy train for them. I want to brag on Jay...this was only his 3rd ride - EVER! He did great! Woo hoo!
It was a beautiful day! Sun was shining and the temps were low.

Wy had never ridden with a group of horses, and as many times as we have been out there to ride, we have never crossed paths with another rider. I usually ride alone, so this would be a different pace for me too.

I asked the vet if the 6 wk mark was okay to let him mingle with other horses since his wound was healed, his nose is not runny, etc. No problem. Yay!
In the beginning Wy was a little ancey because he has been in isolation for 5 weeks - he was excited to see other horses, even if he had never met them before.

Wy watches with interest as we all get ready to go...

We let a big group of riders go ahead of us. Starting out was hard because we had not worked out our pace yet. Wy doesn't really walk fast, he just covers territory. At first the other horses who are very stocky were moving slower, but they picked up the pace and Wy learned to slow it down.

The big group of riders is up ahead...and we are following...

The whole place is a beautiful place to ride, but the lake is my favorite area...I love the water...
Behind us, Chris and Jay are crossing the lake dam...

One of the small water crossings on a trail I had not been on...

I had to prove I was there...and what better way to do that than a YES! SELF PORTRAIT! HA HA!
I am peeking while Jay and Phil are following...

Jay and cool to be able to ride with your best friend? Jay has adopted his first mustang who has been dubbed "Sir Waffles". :-) Jay is a very proud mustang owner and will be on the trails with him soon.

Funny face!
Jay followed most of the way...his horse was happy bringing up the rear. Which really worked good for a while because it got Wy used to someone being back there. No kicking, face making or anything. Good Wy!

Chris and Phil holding hands...
All together now..."Aaaaahhhhhhhhh"... :-)

After about 3 hours of fun, we were back to the trucks.

It was a great day and for me, the hardest part of riding with a group is trying to chat a bit, but not being able to hear. Poor Jay was in the back and did not hear anything unless I yelled back at him.
Wy did good riding beside other horses - he prefers to be on the right, and he was great with horses behind him, he just did not want to lead. He walked real slow...I don't half wonder if he wanted to make sure they did not leave him. He has been lonely you know! :-)
We also met many other riders going the opposite direction of us, and Wyoming did great!
Chris and Phil both commented on Wy and how great he did...and Phil wishes that his adopter could have seen him that day...(another blog entry...I think I might do that one next)

Can't wait for the next one!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is mad because he did not get to go
(Don't tell Tripp I said this, but he is not as good with other horses as Wy is)

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