Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video - Batman and That Smell!!!

It is almost midnight so I need to get this posted and head to bed...
This is a short but cute video...enjoy!

And just because I can't keep my mouth shut because I am sooooo excited, I will tell you all that Wyoming went home to his adopter!!! YAY!!! I had e-mailed her with a couple of questions, and she e-mailed back asking if he was still available. You betcha! She was his official adopter, so yep, he could go home! She never really wanted to let him go, just thought it was the right thing at the moment. Then she thought about it more (haven't we all done that?) and knew she had to have him.
I cried like a big happy baby! I was so glad...I already knew I loved their family and I knew he would be happy there. We delivered him today and spent a few hours chatting, and also working with Blaze, their other mustang.
I will try to get pictures and more of the story up tomorrow (oops, it is it will be today) or Tuesday evening. :-D

Night night....

Karen and Tripp, who is happy the competition is dwindling down. HA HA!


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Oh, now you have me crying happy tears. I am so happy that Wy's adopters took him home. He is a beautiful horse and you have done a wonderful job with him.
Just a couple of more weeks til Ft. Worth. See ya there.

nikki said...

Yey for Wy!!! I hope you can visit him every now and again so we can get updates! :D He's going to make them a great horse.

That little Batman sure knows how to work it for the camera. He is too cuuuute!