Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wyoming and I....another trail ride...

We had some rain today, and I was secretly hoping to get rained on while I rode. I have not ridden in the rain in years! While I was out it thundered a lot, and the sky was rough looking at times, but no rain. I would love to say my ride was 100% enjoyable, but the darn horse flies were on attack again tonite. I really realized how much I trust Wyoming, because I spent a good part of my ride sitting twisted around on my saddle so I could reach around and pop those flies off his rump and top of his tail. He just dealt with it - I think he knew what I was doing, and you don't want to dump the fly killer! :-)

Wyoming is waiting for me to get my stuff together, and he is having a long overdue chat with Chase the llama and Batman. Wy is still in isolation and he really misses his friends.

I finally figured out how to set the timer on my camera. Here we are before heading down the trail.

We have done the lake shot before, but I don't get tired of seeing it, plus this one shows his brand real well. His first little spook was when we were walking down the dip to the lake dam...he stumbled on his front feet and scared himself!
Silly boy!

Someone left the metal grate open to the BBQ pit at one of the campgrounds at the wildlife area. Like always, he had to go check out what scared him. That is one of the things I love about him! He always confronts what he questions.

This is something he has always done...he dumps his food dish. He tells me that no REAL mustang eats out of a dish! Hmpf!

The ride went well in spite of the flies. The only other scary thing was at the other side of the lake dam - once we crossed the dam of the lake there was something in the woods that had him very worried. It sounded big and was moving fast. And to be quite honest, I don't blame him! It was creepy to me too. We could hear it but we could not see it, so I crossed the road to the other side so we would be away from the noise. We walked a few steps and he was still concerned but listened to me the whole time. Then he wanted to cross back over to the 'scary side', and I agreed. Again, he wants to confront what he questions. He stayed tense and on alert all the way up the hill, and it was like whatever was in the woods was following us. That was the creepy part! We could hear it but not see it. We got to the top of the hill and crossed the road to the trail, and he instantly relaxed again. I was telling Brian about it and he said that the young buck deer are banding together as bachelor's so it might have been a couple of bucks. Wy and I both did not like whatever it was because we could not see it. We are visual! :-) Later in the ride there was a big doe that jumped out about 15 to 20 feet from us and Wy did not even stop. He just watched her and kept walking until I asked him to stop. She was so pretty! I don't think either one of us wanted the ride to end...but it was almost dark and time to get home.

This week I will be putting the Nurtural Bitless on him to get him used to that. We have been riding with the halter up to this point. I have no doubt he will adjust to the bitless as well as he did the halter.

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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