Monday, August 3, 2009

Photo blog since I am behind.... :-)

Wow, I am really behind on the blog! Every night I come in thinking I will get a few pictures on, then I don't get to it. We have been so I am going to try to keep the dialog short, and I have added a bunch of pictures. They might even be out of order. :-)

Wyoming, one of my T.I.P. mustangs is doing great. I took him on a few walks before taking him to the trails to ride. We also put up a larger pen and I threw a log in there. It was a narrow log and the goal was to be able to steer him over it. He still does not have power steering, mostly manual, but manual works just fine. It gets a little easier every time I ride him.

Wy going over log...

Love the face shots...

I took him for a couple of walks down the road. Vehicles drove by and the first one was not a big deal, the two after that he had issues with because they were closer than the first one. He will get used to them...he has everything else! He really is a neat guy!

Tiger and Batman are the best of buds. Batman is the ornery little foal who is at the age where he torments everyone, and Tiger is the gentle giant who disciplines when needed, but is also there to look after him. This is going to be a pair I won't like splitting up when it is time for Tiger to go to his new home (which should be soon).

Copper the EMM horse. He is funny...if I go in the pen and he is real nervous, I just get the friendly pink stick and rub on him, then I am allowed to rub on him.

We took Wyoming on two walks at the wildlife area before I rode him out there. I really do think he enjoyed getting out. It does something good to their brains...

The trail crosses the road, then you get lost in the woods.

He did not have any problems crossing the water, and he even took time to play.

All is usually well until my clumsy moves let the lead rope float in the water. As he walked out it was between his front legs. No worries...I caught up and got it out from under him.

We walked to the lake, and on the way back I put Brian's daughter, Madison, up on Wy. It is good for her to help conquer her fear, and good for him to have someone in front of him in addition to having someone on top. We eventually had to find a 'spider web stick' because the webs were horrible! I had her circle that thing over his head and he did not care one bit. He tweaked an ear back, then went on his merry way...

What a cute little mushroom protected by the poison ivy or oak, whatever it is. Leaves of three, let it I let it all alone. I did not become allergic until I was 34 yrs old. Nothing like being 34 and having to learn how to identify plants that do horrible things to ya!

Copper on alert!

Copper head shot - he sure is a pretty boy! I have been so busy with the other two that I have not gotten as much time in with him as I would like. I am planning new strategy to get more time with him.

Here is a bright orange mushroom we saw on the trail. It really was beautiful!

Batman and Tiger hanging out in the yard.

My first trail ride on Wyoming was great! We rode to the small lake and across most of the dam before I got off. There were people and dogs on the other side, and I think he would have been fine, but there is a drop off and I had visions of him deciding enough is enough and bolting I played it safe and walked him the rest of the way over. There is a small dirt ramp area so we walked down there to the water line.

Here is Wyoming scoping the action on the other side of the lake. Dang he is gorgeous!

There are big rocks on each side of the dirt ramp.

Wy sniffs the white rock....

Wy sniffs the brown rock...

Wy sniffs the water...

These are the tree reflections that was awesome! I rode Wy back across the dam then got off and walked him the rest of the way back. He was a little ouchy and I don't want him to regret getting out and about. We don't have any rocks on our place to toughen up feet...I would put boots on him if he was going to stay here. That way we could ride a while without them, then put them on and ride. Little by little his feet would toughen up. Think of it like our feet - it takes us a while too.

One night I was pooper scooping and I looked up - there goes Brian on Tiger without a halter or saddle! I was shocked to say the least! Brian was on Tripp last year, but he never got out of the pen. He has not ridden seriously since he was a teenager. The man is coming back to his roots! YES! It will be fun to ride together once we get a couple more of our own bunch trained.

Millie the heifer is still hanging around, and the horses are her herd. When they run around and get unruly, she pitches quite the fit! They have learned to steer clear of her horns.
Millie says this is her good side.

Brian's daughter, Madison, and I are picking green beans. I love growing our own stuff. Wish we could figure out how to do it year round.

This gets me caught up to the weekend.
Some know that Wyoming got strangles, but the wound where the infection blew out of his jaw has healed. The bump keeps getting smaller and he is that much closer to going home. I am still grateful that he did not get sick. He is young and strong according to the vet, and other than seeing the swelling, if he would have been in a big herd of horses, we would not have known it had even happened. Strangles is the horse version of strep throat. My first experience with it, and hopefully my last! :-)

Hope everyone is doing well and making it thru the summer okay!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Jill said...

Love looking at all the great photos. I am looking for a synonym for awesome.

Angela said...

Synonym for awesome? Borrow a page from Brian....Absofreakinlutely incredible....