Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Batman meets Jessi...

Before I move on to Batman and Jessi, I want to share the eagles. On our way to town we saw an eagle in a tree, then we saw two more in the trees over the hill. I have never seen them up here - usually have to get closer to the river. They were there 3 days in a row...for our Americas Living Legends mustang adoption...have not seen them since.

Now, on to the show! I could not come home with Brian and Jessi because I was waiting for Beth and Terry to come back to the fairgrounds so we could exchange information for the foster horses. Thankfully Brian thought to grab his camera!
Jessi is just like me - an huge animal lover, and she fell in love with Batman! They exchanged a lot of smooches from what I hear! :-)

One night I was in the feed/tack room and I had a couple of nosey britches wondering what I was doing....Tandee and Batman wondering what they are missing! Ha ha!

Sometimes life is tiring, doesn't seem fair, goes by so quickly, but I am sooooo lucky! I love my life! :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who loves his life too!

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mkyamse said...

That last pic is adorable!