Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Road to the Horse Trip

It was a great weekend! We love all three of the trainers and knew we were in for a treat. The first day when the trainers started, they did not get to talk during the starting, and we missed that. We left the first day feeling like we really missed out on something.
The 2nd day they let the guys talk to us, letting us know what they were doing and why. I think they love that because they are teachers, and we love it because we are students. Not to mention the guys joke with eachother back and forth. This confirmed that the chit-chat is what we missed, and we were glad it was back.

I think this is the first year that at least one trainer did not have his horse saddled. Each trainer got their horses haltered and that was it - but that was enough. That is one thing that makes me really respect these guys - they could have pushed it and got further than they did, but they don't do that. They are there for the horse! :-)

It seemed like there were not as many vendors this year, but that might be because there were alot of jewelry vendors. We did get a couple of things, but found that we did not wander around during the breaks to look at stuff as much as we had in the past.

Most of you know I have had camera problems, and getting an inside picture is almost impossible for me, so I apologize now for the picture quality. There is even a setting for inside photos, but I can't get it to work. I am not saying it isn't user - that being me - error, but I will say that I wish I would have never got this camera. It is an Olympus Stylus 9000, and it just might be a lemon. Either way, I am not happy with it - oh yeah, it doesn't always want to shut off or turn back on. I will wait for it to be more consistent then take it back for an exchange - I have sent it to the 'Camera Dr.' enough times already.
For GREAT pictures, go to the RTTH web site and check out the last photo of all three trainers walking away from the camera. That is a poster shot!

We have picked the same seats the past few years. We are on the top row so we can see all the pens. We have sat down close and that is great for the demonstrations, but not during the colt training. Here is our view:

The final obstacle course was a good one! I love ideas for stuff to build at home. Here are three different angles of it.

Craig Cameron brought his own totally portable Cowboy Curtain:

Craig picked the horse that nobody would have picked - and he said so. He also thought the horse needed a friend. At the end of day one, Craig realized the horse really didn't want a friend at all. He just wanted to be left alone. Ha ha! Day two was a surprise! Craig got down to business, got his horse saddled, had the bit in his mouth but decided to take it out because it distracted the horse too much, and they did some ground work. Craig had help with his obstacles, got them set up, then he took a mandatory break, leaving the horse to rest a while. While Craig left his horse to 'rest', the horse decided he would take himself thru the obstacles....he walked over the poles, the tarp, and thru the cowboy curtain! That horse trained himself for obstacles! HA HA HA!!!!

The last obstacle was a surprise - it was a person in a gorilla suit sitting in the middle of a big bulls-eye. The goal was to get the horse as close as they could...and Craig had no problem. His horse walked up and sniffed, then walked to the side and sniffed:

Then walked to the back and sniffed, and just walked way....
I think the obstacle course was the final thing that won it for Craig - his little horse did everything that was asked of him, and they did it quietly. Great job!
By the way, a lady from California bought this horse!

In my opinion Ken had the best looking horse of the bunch, and he also had the strongest willed horse of the bunch. This showed the difference between a professional and people like me who are just starting with this - Ken knew what to do and when with his horse. And come obstacle time, I found myself saying "Oh no, I would not be riding that horse yet, he isn't ready." Well, Ken knew different and he rode him. It was not as smooth as Craigs ride, but it was still great! And guess what? Ken bought the horse! He is going to do some ranch work with him for a while then sell him at one of their sales. This horse would have been my pick out of the three.

Here is Kens horse checking out the gorilla...

Richards horse was a little sorrel and he picked one based on what he would want at home. He also said that you really could not go wrong with any of the colts that were brought in - and I think he is right. On day one he and his horse were singing the same song, but on day two they had more problems. Just goes to show that you never know what is going to happen. Like the other trainers, Richard did great and took his time with his horse. And guess what? Hee hee! His wife bought him this horse!

Richard and his horse also had no problem with the gorilla! Everyone was very impressed with that. How many of us can take our horses out and walk them up to a big gorilla sitting in a chair looking like it could pounce at any moment?

We saw a woman and a girl around town after the event - the first place was Baskin Robbins getting ice cream and the daughter said she knew us or had seen us...can't remember now, but I really took to the girl! Come to find out they ran this booth at the show...they make horse hair pottery! Anna has the business, and Cassi, her daughter was helping her - we became friends pretty quickly. Cassi is the type of person that just draws you in. Anyways, the potter is the neatest stuff, and they can use your horses hair. We lost a mustang a while back and kept his hair, so we plan on sending some of his hair to these people to make a couple of things for us. Their web site is: I really encourage you to check it out.

Here are some of the items they had at the show. We got a horse head while we were there. On the 2nd day it was still there and my eye kept being drawn towards it.


Like always, we are ready to get home...and what is a trip without a self portrait? Nothing! So here it is...

We had a great time, got to meet a lot of people that we have been in contact with from the Extreme Mustang Makeover, and met new people. There sure is a variety of personalities and disciplines that attend this event. We left right after they announced Craig as the winner, so we did not hear details for next year. All we know is it has to do with Legends.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says he can do what they did (love his confidence!)

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