Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fantabulous Afternoon and Evening!!!

Tonites entry is going to be relaxing and peaceful! Look out tomorrow...I found more information to share! :-)

I left work an hour early - well, not exactly early...I took lunch late so I could get home to play with horses. The sun was shining and I just had to be here to enjoy it!

The first thing I did was play with Paco and Thunder - and I decided that this afternoon was going to be relaxing for them. No moving around unless we had to...just a lot of rubbing and touching.

Thunder was fantastic!!! I did not use the 'friendly pink stick' to get up to him - I walked up to him softly and he snorted and sniffed, then I started rubbing on him and scratching some mud off. Break thru today - I rubbed both sides of his neck! His right side is much better and I made it to his withers and scratched mud off his back. I did a lot of walking away and coming back, and tonite was much better because the sun actually is baking the mud! Woo hoo! It is still sticky, but not near as bad. After a lot of rubbing and moving around him, I got the stick and threw the string around. He really did great! My photographer was not home so I had to try to get a couple by myself...which should not be too difficult seeing as I am the self portrait Queen! :-)

Thunder likes to play with things. The other night he knocked an orange cone over and was rolling it around - this afternoon he rolled the ball around a while.

Yep, self portrait...rubbing Thunders neck.

Paco was awesome tonite! He thought he was too busy to stand still for very long, so we did a few slow directional changes and I started with the stick and string. I worked my way up the stick like I did with Thunder and he was not so sure about that, but eventually I would sneak a rub in, then move back down the stick before he realized what happened. That worked perfect! I did that several times then got that forehead rub in! Woo hoo! He got real nervous, then I noticed the turkeys in the yard and the dogs stalking I had to go save the day for the turkeys. When I came back, it was like he said "Okay, I am ready now." I rubbed the stick on him again, and he let me pet his face several times! I am very excited...can you tell?

Here we are with a little forehead rub...

He also let me rest my hand on his nose. He accepted this very I said, it was like he told me he was ready.

I was putting the loop around Pacos nose again - here is how a black rope halter would look...I think he will look hot in black! :-)

This was the night before - Paco thought the alfalfa cubes were pretty good. Thunder sniffed them but was not impressed. He thinks I can do better! :-)

Here Paco has his eyes closed...he is thinking...he is going to the 'friendly pink stick' for the answer...Aaaaaahhhhh, yes, he has it....but he isn't telling...

After playing with those two I headed to barn to take care of chores and visit with the others. Most of them are shedding pretty good so I was doing a lot of scratching. Brian got home early enough to enjoy the rest of the daylight with me - Yay!

Brian peeking over the backs of his fan club...

Brian and HIS horse Tripp - okay, I said it! Here is the deal...when we have adopted in the past I am the one who filled out the paperwork and they only put one name on it. So I had several mustangs and a couple burros. Brian FINALLY got to fill out the paperwork, and who is it on? Yep! My 2008 EMM horse Tripp! Now isn't that just too funny? He also adopted Joker as a yearling at the EMM that year, so he officially has two mustangs now. ONLY two! HA HA HA!!!

Brian and Halo...she looks like she is falling asleep...

Halo was one of the first two we adopted - and she foaled a few hours after we got her home. She was the classic mustang I always wanted to adopt - she was not mean but she had no use for any humans and she could care less if we lived or died. No joke! It took a couple of months to get to the point where she would look at me. She went thru all the motions during lessons, but she really was not in it WITH me. This was during my learning process of training, so there really is no telling how many mistakes I made at that time. Once she looked at us, it was much easier to work with her. Now she is a big puppy dog...she comes up behind us and lightly puts her forehead on our back, or she will walk up to ya, and step a couple baby steps closer...she is a sweetheart.

Ajax and Zjax were eating next to each other tonite. We can't get the round bales in their area because of the mud, so I have been throwing flakes on my wooden bridge. They are standing on that with their hay.

What a great night!!!
Until later....Karen and Tripp who knows that I am really his person! ;-)

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mkyamse said...

That is really too funny about Brian! Now he can't give you too much crap about the horses. After all, they are his too. ;p