Monday, March 15, 2010

Paco and Thunders parents come for a visit...

Sunday Paco's Dad and Thunder's Mom came to visit and hang out with their 'kids'. They don't even have the official BLM paperwork done yet and are wanting to be involved with their horses. Many of us on the Yahoo Groups have talked about stuff like that - so this is very cool!

They were warned about mud - so bring boots. Beth decided she would let Terry work with the horses. It was pretty yucky out there, plus drizzly, damp and cold. So Terry, who has been learning the same way we did, started his first training session with a horse! Yee haw!

Thunder and Paco were nervous, and they thought this Horse Eating Ball was the end! :-)

Paco and Thunder are watching each others backs in case the 'thing' comes after them again!

We sat on the trailer and watched a is Beth watching Terry at work.

I missed the early on pictures of Terry working with Paco, his horse, because I didn't want to be looking over their shoulder. When I came back out he was working with Thunder.

Thunder getting a forehead rub....he loves those!

Thunder wondering who this masked man is! Where is the girl?

Thunder was not so sure about the back rub at first, but okay, he can deal...

Terry went back to Paco in the small area to rub on him some more...

Does Terry look happy or what? He is a proud Dad! :-)

Yep, still grinning from ear to ear! :-)

Check out the mud marks on Terry's back. It is so muddy the stick string got all globby and it is hard to 'drive'. That string went all over the place, and there were even two criss-cross marks on the back of Terry's head. I was out there Saturday and we all looked like we had been beaten with muddy noodles! Seeing it on someone else was even more funny! We decided the muddier we were, the more fun we had!

My friend Betty came out to visit. She has house sat for us a few times so she came out to visit the 'critter kids.'

Rico, the newly gelded young boy, is smooching on Betty. He handled his procedure great! Yay!

Rico getting some more lovin' from Betty. I might add that Betty rides a Harley!
That is how we met at work...I got my motorcycle and was involved in an event, and she e-mailed me. :-)

Nevada says: Yep, a little more to the right.....yeahhhhhh.....

Flash the 'tank' wanted in on the fun.

Chase the llama giving me a smooch. So far I have not been spit on.

Terry did great applying what he has learned, and is very excited to do it again. He was a mud puppy by the time he got done...but he had a blast!

Have a great day everyone!

Karen and Tripp

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nikki said...

Hooray for Terry! He even got both sides of his horse I see!! :) I hope that mud dries up for you soon, but at least you guys still have a good time in spite of it.