Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not rain or snow can keep me out of the mustang pen...

I woke up to snow. I was hoping it would not start until later in the day because the ground was doing pretty good. Oh is pretty, so we have that! And the mosquitoes that were eating me and the horses alive the past two nights are gone. :-)

I went out early afternoon to work with them and while, and ended up spending two hours out there. The time went by so quickly! Both of them did great. I used the cotton lunge line this time - looped it over their neck and was trying to get them used to moving away from the pressure. Paco has worn the rope before and did great!!! I got to rubbing on his jaw and neck too...that was huge because he would tolerate the approach from the side, but I didn't want his side, I wanted his face. He has been trying so hard to do ask I ask...but he is a busy boy with a busy mind and he just doesn't have time to waste on things like looking at little 'ol me! Ha ha! So I have to change it up a lot. It works out.
Thunder had never worn the rope before and he was great as far as me putting it there, and I could move him one direction but the other direction freaked him out and he took off. Well, I tried to hold on, and I did, but I just slid right thru the mud. We worked on that a while and he finally got to where he would move back and forth. Then I thought I would try to get the halter on him. We did it! I had to tie it one handed...hey, some people can tie a knot in a cherry stem with their tongue, and some can tie a rope halter with one hand. I am the latter. :-)

I let him wear it all day and took it off tonite. I was proud of both of them again tonite because Paco was in the trailer, and Thunder was in the small area outside of the trailer. They don't like feeling trapped in that small area so they usually move around a lot. Tonite Paco stayed in the trailer and watched us, and I walked up to Thunder and untied the halter with one hand. Yay!

When I first went out this morning Paco played peek-a-boo over Thunder...

They did great...I say that a lot, don't I? :-) More and more they are getting to where they walk towards me - not all the way up to me, but towards me.

In spite of the constant wet snow, it was fun going out a couple times today and playing with them. I am freezing and can't seem to warm up - even after a hot shower to wash the mud off. But it was worth it!

I took a few other random pictures....snow on the chimes just seems wrong. The chimes are supposed to sing with the birds. No birds singing today!

Here are Ajax and Zjax at the big bale, and look to the left under the canopy...that is Chase the llama.

The lillies are coming up...and are now snow covered. They probably expected it.

For those of you who are dealing with the weather careful and keep warm!

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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