Friday, August 8, 2008

Absofreakinlutely Great Night!

I have to give the credits for 'Absofreakinlutely' to Brian - the first time he said it I thought it awesome!

Second of all, I just went out to check the water hydrant at the barn and I had the flashlight. It was the first night that Tripp didn't snort at me and that light, then leave! Yay!

Tonite I got home a little early and decided Tripp and I were going on a trail ride! I called Brian to let him know which direction I was headed just in case....then I was gone. I left the parking lot at 5:27, and got Tripp loaded back up at 7:27. Almost 2 full hours of riding by ourselves!

I have not been out to the Conservation Area for a long time - I crossed over several of the old trails I used to ride. It is neat because the Conservation Dept. has really worked hard on the trails - they are graveled and a lot of trimming of branches has been done. It is also sad because I am a nostalgic person, and crossing over the old narrow trails brought back old memories. It is all good tho!

A few years ago they shut down the section of trails that was closest to where I lived - they were building a lake. The trails are back open and from my side, they take us around the back side of the lake.

Here is a view of the lake by the dam....

I thought this shot was cool of his whole face...

This was neat because the clouds look painted...

On the other side of the dam there are large boulders and the rails...he snorted at the boulders, then decided it was a false alarm and we moseyed thru the rails and up the hill...

This funky log got a big rise out of him! He is funny because he snorts at it, and tries to walk away but just can't! He has to step towards it real fast, then back up again. Almost like he is trying to scare it away. It didn't leave, and Tripp decided it wasn't going to either...

It felt so good to be out on the trails! We did a lot of trotting, and the only skidding halt we did was when some young turkeys flew out of the brush. Other than that, it was small halts when he saw funky logs or something like that. We did have a couple conversations....he wanted to eat and I didn't want him to. I also wanted to work on our "Whoa" because I am still doing one reined stops most of the time. He didn't want to work on "Whoa" and he was telling me he was actually hearing the word "GO!" Ha ha! I finally got a few good stops out of him, and decided that we are having fun - will work on details tomorrow. So away we went.

There was one area beside the road where the water was pooled up in deep tire ruts. He drank out of the puddle! I know he is a mustang and used to do that all the time, but not with someone on him! Woo hoo!

New fact about me - or maybe not. I don't like spiders! In fact they make me want to puke when I see them...altho I have been trying to psych myself out and I am getting better. There was a HUGE wolf spider on my computer chair this morning! ACK! GAG! It was horrible! I managed to get him in a jar and put it outside. Just sick to my stomach the whole time.....

While on the trails these spiders make webs between the trees. Not only did I take several webs down with my face - spiders attached - but they got on my clothes too! I even had to mash a couple.

I was not afraid of spiders until we moved to Missouri. We are originally from Southern California and we had lots of spiders and tarantulas. It was those webs between the trees while riding that got me freaked out about them. Ugh! This proves I am getting better about it....when the sun came thru the trees and hit the webs just right, they were beautiful! When the sun didn't hit it just right, I could not see them and ran right into them. :-)

After I got back Brian was home with his kids and their cousins. This is his daughter Madison (light blonde) and her cousin Tori loving on Tripp...Tripp was amazing with them!

Tori's brother Tucker was leading Tripp across the bridge, so she wanted to do it too. Tripp went over like a champ!

Tucker was playing with Tripp's forelock and had it pulled back - he wanted to make sure I mentioned that so nobody thought him doing his little pose made him look like a moron.....uh, yeah Tucker, no problem! ;-)

After the kids were finished hanging all over him, I decided I was going to trim those back hooves! Tucker held him for me - I only wanted one person because my goal is to have him stand on his own. Tucker isn't around horses that much, and he did great holding Tripp, and Tripp did great letting him. :-)
I got his hooves up on the cradle part of the Hoof Jack and we 'discussed' it a little bit, but not much. I got the flare trimmed off and a tiny bit of filing done before he started moving around. I decided to pick the foot up, hold it a second, then let him have it back. I needed to do that so I could get the other one trimmed too. Got it done and I had to hold it to file, but that is okay. I am very proud of him for letting me get them done! Well, sort of done. I will shape them up a little more this weekend. All in all, they are 95% better than they were!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us. Brian's son Jordan took riding lessons at a place not to far from here, and I was inquiring about the arena they use for their 4H stuff. She said I could use her outdoor arena and they are going to be out of town all day tomorrow. So I will be taking Tripp to her arena tomorrow, and the show arena in Sturgeon another time this weekend. I am excited! We can work on our cantering without obstacles to worry me.
Sharon is one of those kind of people who is great working with kids and adults both. Her horses are wonderful too. Skip is one of my favorites - he is 30 or 31 this year, a big palomino, and reminds me of my first horse Taffy. Taffy was also older when we got for a 4 or 5 year old kid. :-) All of her horses are great!

It is late and I am tired.....
Until later....Karen and Tripp

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