Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tripp teaches Karen to Rope....

Wednesday evening was another short one. We worked on lifting feet, I also did some of the basic lunge/change directions/move body over type of stuff. I did do something I had not done before - I cracked the lunge whip several times. At first he didn't move, then he did move and I got him back out in the open to face me, then I cracked it some more. I was by myself so no pictures....which is a blessing anyways. I am not a real good whip cracker so I was swinging that thing around double handed! Quite the sight I am sure. I need a real bull whip, you know, just to make noise with! Ha ha! :-)

Tripp and I thought tonite was boring. We wanted to go on a trail and relax, but I knew we needed to work on a few things...then we will hit the trail this weekend.

I have had the rope out a couple of times and swung it around Tripp's body. He handled it alright - almost like he was bored. So tonite I swung the rope around while I was ON him! Woo hoo! He was bored then too, which is a good thing I guess. I am not a roper, but Tripp is trying to teach me. :-)
Oh yeah, notice the tarp tied on behind the saddle. We would work a little bit, then I would make noise with the tarp. He did pretty good with that too. He knew it was there, and at first he walked out real nice, but quickly got used to it being there and went back to his casual self.

I tried to rope a chicken but just didn't have the distance I needed. He just stood there when I threw the rope...good Tripp! One of the times I was dragging the rope back in, it got hooked on a landscape timber. I backed Tripp up while pulling the timber......

....and I also walked around and half way drug it behind him. I say half way because there wasn't that much room in there, but I did manage to drag it and get it snagged on the bridge, then had to bounce it up on the bridge and drag it across that. He handled it absolutely fantastic! He was keeping an eye on it, but not once did he get jiggy with me while pulling that thing around.

Tripp takes the rope and shows me how he can pull the log himself. Handsome and talented!

Good boy Tripp! Hug hug!

I am working on moving his shoulder and hip....separately right now, hopefully together later on. He is actually getting it, not that I am surprised HE is getting it...I am surprised I got the message across to him to get it.
Sometimes watching training tapes or reading about how to do something just doesn't register with me - I need to see it in person. Well, I don't have the 'in person' part, so I am having to teach it the way I think I understand it.

I am very happy with where we are right far this experience has been more than I could have dreamed about! Not counting today, we have 41 days until we pressure. Okay, maybe a little bit of pressure. :-) I am trying not to think about it...just going to do what I can do.

I am tired....
Until later....Karen and Tripp


Judy and Bob said...

Hey! You look pretty good swinging that rope. Tripp looks good with it too. which one of you is better? LOL

Karen C. said...

Well, I think I rope better, and Tripp thinks he ropes better. :-)

I have video of me throwing it at the chickens....Rooster Cogburn is big enough for me to get a hold of.
That rooster would have had to been standing right in front of Tripp in order for me to get him! I need to practice the release.....LOL!

Angela said...

Good job Karen and Tripp....I like the pic of you roping while on him...he really seems to be listening...Hey, practice the dragging...Remember how many people did that last year? You could top them by riding with a tarp, dragging something! Or you could teach Tripp to drag something on command while he's holding the rope! That would be priceless! A little clicker training and you could shape that pretty easy!

Kandi said...

Very cool sis. I love the pixs, although I think you need a turkey feather on your helmet! :-)