Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video from Saturday August 16, 2008

After many attempts at attaching the video, it finally worked!

Video #1 - Tripp and I just hanging out. Then I started taking pictures
of him without having to get up. :-)

Video #2 - We went to the Sturgeon arena to play a little bit. My goal was to
canter him bareback....and I did! :-)

And I was really bareback! I didn't have that big chunk of stuff to hold on to
like the bareback bronc riders do! HA! Just kidding....I don't want to do what
they do! I am more than happy to make my 1.5 second ride! :-)

Until later.....Karen and Tripp


Lynn said...

Hey Karen,
Just watched your video. Great riding!! Ride'em Cowgirl, yeehaa!! LOL!! Are you gonna ride bareback at Fort Worth??? I will really be impressed if you do. Don't think my nerves could handle it!!! PS..thanks for linking my blog on your site. :)

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks for all of your kind words, Karen! :) I really enjoy your blog and so glad to see folks out there helping to promote our wild horses in any way possible. Good luck to you. I posted a link to your page on my blog as well. :)

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey Karen,
Thanks for all of the comments that you left on my site. I am still having a little trouble with the trot, but I'm going to keep working on it. I am pretty lucky, the 3 yearlings I have are all pretty sweet and easy going. I hope to take them to a horse show in a couple of weeks. I'm a little scared because I'm not sure how they will react to so much new stuff. Mom thinks it would be good for them, I do to but... It's just so scary going into new enviroments. I guess I have to do that sooner or later.
By the way, Tripp looks great. Glad to hear that he did so well at the show, taking in all of the new things. Keep up the good work. Just a month left.

Tripp's trainer's MOM said...

Thatsa my kid !! My my Tripp can be a spunky kid can't he !! You did great....tail bone injuries are awful and lengthy in healing. As a teen ager I got dumped at a fence line after being taken thru a corn field and slapped by every ear of corn on the way....then only for the horse to make a sharp right at the fence, leaving me behind and I lit on my tail that almost Mother like daughter?????? At least you stayed on !!

Karen C. said...

Yay! My Mom left me a comment! :-)
Yes, he can be quiet spunky! I just hope it isn't a habit.

Ya know, I don't mind looking like you, but I really don't want to walk in your footsteps when it comes to old injuries! ha ha!!!

Love your #1 Kid

Tripp Trainers #1 SIS said...

YA HOOOO sis! I see you got the butt pucker factor involved! I love the sound effects though, that was the best!!! He is awful purty!!!