Sunday, August 3, 2008

Video of Tripp and I cantering - half way balanced and with music!

Okay, here it is. Tripp and I actually did canter half way decent, altho I didn't keep it going. That is okay, now I know he will handle it fine and we can practice more!

Here is another funny from yesterday - Tripp was tied up for the first time. He usually stands for me to saddle him up, etc., so I never bothered to find something sturdy to tie him to.

Well, we were getting ready to walk the course and I tied him where a bunch of people were sitting so he could watch them, then looked for Brian. Brian was on the other side of the arena - AND STAYED THERE! WHAT? He stayed there because he knew I wanted him to come keep an eye on Tripp, and he was right. He also knew Tripp would be just fine, and it was me with the problem. He was right again! Hee hee!

Then I had to tie Tripp up a 2nd time - but this time it was away from people and right under this big noisy exhaust fan, and he fought it a little bit but honestly, not much. He would hit the end of the rope and step back up again. I just didn't like him doing it. :-) Same thing....everyone but me knew Tripp would be okay!

I worked thru it, and I am fine now.......

Thanks for watching and reading!

Karen and Tripp


EXTH said...

Hi there
Robert and artista here. Looked at your videos and looks like you guys are doing real good. If you would like we can swap links on our blog.

keep up the good work and see you in texas!

Tracey said...

Karen, he's looking great! Isn't it funny when our wild horses become the babysitters for us goofy trainers??? LOL...I know just how you feel as Sandy and I were the same way. Still are! I'm going to be hauling him to the fair next week and riding in an arena that looks just like that and I'm sitting here obsessing about all the things that could go wrong and he'll probably just mosey like always.

I'm getting very jealous of your trip to Texas right now! :)

Judy and Bob said...

I can't see the videos! There's just a white screen there. It was great seeing you and Tripp on Sunday. Too bad the show had been cancelled tho eh? Does Tripp still think of Chris as "Evil Chris" after meeting her and having to work for her? hehehe