Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Horse Show That Wasn't.....But Good Company Was!

Another hot muggy day in paradise. Heat index at 115 and humidity at..well, don't know. All I do know is every single horse here was soaking wet, and it only took a minute or so for our clothing to get wet too. Ugh!

So what do we do? We head to Marshall, MO to a fun show. Bob and Judy were going to be there and we have not seen them since we picked the boys up. It is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our place and thought it would be good practice for Tripp to travel a little further than the day before.

We showed up a little late but we were not worried. We were not going to show - we were just going to mosey around, maybe ride around the outside of the arena a little bit. He had a long day the day before, so I was going to give him time to check out the sights.

Here are the sights - we pull in the parking lot and a truck/trailer are pulling out. We go further up the drive and there is a pickup truck by one building, and another truck/trailer close to it. THAT IS ALL! No other sights to see! Come to find out the show was canceled due to arena conditions because of all the rain. They apparently didn't have anybody check the arena before they made the call because it was just fine.

No worries mate, let's make lemonade! The pickup truck out there was Judy, and the truck/trailer was Chris, the gal who has been helping Bob thru some of his stuff. We were out there for over 2 hours chatting and catching up, so it was well worth the trip. There was shade and a light breeze, and the horses got to munch grass.

Here is Bob and Tripp trying to share a blade of grass just like the movie Lady and the Tramp. :-)

Here is Chris and Lacey, Chris is chatting to Judy and I.

Lacey is a BLM repo horse and from the sounds of it, is putting weight on at a pretty good rate. She is a nice little roan with a very long mane and forelock! Love lots of hair! Chris has been working with her and says that she will make a great horse for someone soon.

Here is Judy and I listening attentively to Chris while Bob and Tripp graze. :-)

All 3 of us chatting away.

Brian was trying to get some pictures of Bob, and Judy got in on the act. :-) Aren't they are cute pair?

Brian and I met Chris 4 years ago at a BLM adoption. We were not able to adopt at the time, but I wanted Brian to see what my life long dream adopt a mustang. Brian fell in love with them and their story the same as myself, so with hard work from the both of us we made the dream come true. Have I mentioned lately how MUCH I LOVE Brian and how incredibly intelligent and talented he is ?!?!?! (THIS SEGMENT WAS ADDED BY BRIAN WHEN I WAS NOT LOOKING - I AM LEAVING IT HERE SO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH)

Chris is one of those people who has had mustangs for a long time, and she helps EVERYONE who is interested. Chris and her family are at all the adoptions around here and they bring their mustangs with them, which is great! People can see how wonderful mustangs really are, and how easy going they are to ride. Chris and her family took care of Earl and Jake when Judy and her husband Ron adopted them last year - which gave Judy and Ron time to get a pen up that met the BLM guidelines. Chris and her husband Phil are just that way...I can't say enough good things about them.

We were loading all three horses in each others trailer to get them used to it. Tripp has been in three trailers now! Chris also worked with Tripp a little bit. Remember a while back he would load with me on the ground? He quit doing that and started crowding me, so I started leading him in again.
Chris worked with him for quite a while to let him know it was okay to go past her shoulder and get in the trailer. It took a little bit but Chris doesn't give up. Anybody who is keeping up with Judy's blog knows that Chris has been nick-named 'Evil Chris', and Tripp just met her! :-) I watched closely so that I could work him in the trailer the same way she did. After she loaded him I loaded him a couple of times. Judy did the same thing with Bob. Chris knows the language better than I do - I am still learning it.

Tripp looks to me for help from Evil Chris....sorry Tripp! :-)

Lacey is exiting the stock trailer, and doing quite well!

Bob was loaded and before he hops down, he likes to look around to make sure everyone is watching him.....he did that before he hopped on too! He was a nut!

It was a long drive, but the trip was worth it. We got to hang out and visit a while, the horses got to catch up, and they got to experience new things.

Judy and I plan on a trail ride on our 2 month anniversary of having the boys home. That is less than 2 weeks away! Wow....time sure flies! I was pretty relaxed about things when the days of having Tripp was less than the days until we left for TX. We have crossed that threshold and now it is less days until we leave for! I am not as relaxed about it at all. I am excited - just not relaxed. I have a lot of work to do with Tripp to get him ready, and there are a couple of other things that Dennis Cappel showed me - basic things for trainers, but new to me. They are things that I know I can be successful with as long as I am consistent. It all has to do with pressure and moving his body around.

That is all I know for now.....

Until later.....Karen and Tripp

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