Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Light Night...Accomplished A Lot!

Hello everyone, from the sounds of it this is supposed to be the last hot, muggy, sticky, icky, day in paradise! Woo hoo! Should cool off to the 80's, and for someone who loves summer as much as I do, I am really looking forward to it cooling off!

Tonite was a light one. Tripp had his wolf teeth taken out yesterday so the next couple days I am going to take it easy on him...sort of. :-)
I have not messed with him in his pen for a while, so I did all the stuff we have done before. He wore the tarp for a while, then walked it right off of himself, turned on it and started stomping it! He loves the tarp, that is why I was surprised he got silly with it at Dennis Cappel's Preworks thing. I still should not have tried moving around on it, but he does it here. Just goes to show ya, doesn't matter what you do at home and how good they do it, a new atmosphere will always bring something new out of them.

I also messed with his feet. That is a big thing with me right now....I don't want to have to muscle the feet up, and I REALLY don't want him kicking with the back ones, especially in TX! I worked with all 4 feet tonite, got them all cleaned out, played with them, and even put the back ones up on the Hoof Jack. I pulled them forward - I did not pull them back behind them and put them on the cradle. Things were going so well I didn't want to screw it up. So we stopped there! I was more than pleased...and not one kick, or even a swing. Will do it all again tomorrow.

I also worked on moving his shoulder and hind end over. I was simulating where my feet would be when in the saddle...I sure hope I am doing it right! He seemed to do pretty good and he was crossing his feet over most of the time. He is pretty smart and easy going, so I think in the long run he will do fine.

Then I brushed and rubbed on him, and gave him dinner. I even kept the chickens away for him. They know that Tripp is getting a little bit of grain! I don't give him a lot, just enough as a treat and to get his vitamins. He seems to be holding weight well so I am not worried about packing him full of stuff.

There are no pictures of him tonite, so I decided to start adding pictures of my life and who I am. I will do this every once in a while....

I love frogs and toads! Don't know why, I just do. There is this HUGE toad that lives in one of the dog houses. I see it every night!
This time of year is great because small frogs are stuck to our back door, and Brian and I will sit and watch them eat bugs. I need to get video of that sometimes and post it! It really is very cool. This is just a little frog I found all cozy on a leaf.

This is me and my mustang baby Epona. Epona is now 2 yrs old and beautiful! She was our surprise baby.....we adopted her Mom, who had been in captivity for 1 1/2 yrs, and exactly 11 months after getting her home, she had Epona. She didn't carry wide like others we have had, she carried long, and she was a big girl anyways so we had no idea. She didn't even have any milk until the last minute! Trust me, the fact that she was a mare when we adopted her made me look all the time! Let's just say that Epona was the biggest surprise of our lives! It was a Friday! :-)

My sister has land with a cave on it. There is a lot of mud in there, but also some neat formations. We are always careful when we go in....here is me crawling and muddy. Funny thing about me is I am very claustrophobic! But I can cave....go figure! I will definitely have more pix of the cave in the future...

I ride a motorcycle. So I ride 4 legged horses, and also an Iron Horse. This is my friend Betty and I at the famous Testicle Festival - that year they moved it to Lake of the Ozarks because it got to big for the original location in Olean, Mo. Betty has ridden most of her life, so we hit it off when word got out at work that I ride too. Kind of a kindred spirit. Of course my husband had to get a bike after we met...he could not let me have all the fun! :-)

So there you have it...a little bit about me.

Until later.....Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey, Karen. Thanks for the post. I do have my hands full, but I have great parents who are supporting and helping me in every way possible. I love my horses. Are you still have problem with the trot at a lead. Please let me know if you come up with a solution because my big girl(Mia) is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to that. I would love to meet you when we all meet in Ft. Worth.
Good luck,


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