Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catching Up...

I have not blogged for a couple of nights, and thought I better catch up. There really isn’t much to tell.

Monday we unloaded a load of hay, then went to pick up another one to unload on Tuesday. I didn’t have time to mess with Tripp except for a little bit of picking up the feet. We let him out in the yard to munch grass with the other horse and two donks. Something got him going and he started running and bucking and farting thru the yard! At first I was worried because I didn’t want him to run into a fence or step in a hole that the dogs dug. Then I had to try to let it go and just enjoy the beauty of him in front of me. Picture the Black Stallion running on the beach with that head up high in the air and that tail raised – that is what Tripp looked like! He was incredible! He came blasting around the front of the house and I put up my hands and called to him. He came running up to me and skidded to a stop! SWEET! He was snorting and looking around. I took him back into his smaller area….he ran around in there a while too then settled down once he found the fresh hay I threw out for him.

Tuesday evening it rained so no unloading hay. I cannot tell a lie….I wanted it to rain a little bit, but I should have been more specific. I wanted it to rain LATER than it did. It was pretty slick out, so the only thing I worked on was going thru that ‘L’ forward, which is no problem, and backwards, which is a problem at the turn. When we get to the corner it doesn’t matter how slow we go, he moves that butt a little bit, then all of a sudden it sling shots all the way around and he is facing the opposite direction than we started at! We were working in hand only because of the footing. After a lot of baby steps, we finally had a couple of good runs both directions and we called that one complete. I then went to feet. Front feet – wonderful, although sometimes I have to pull to get them up instead of him giving them to me. The back ones that night were a bear! He took a pretty good swing at me and I smacked his butt just as quick! He jumped and looked at me in shock. I then took the rope and used it to lift the back ones a few times, then went back with my hands and he was fine. The turd was sulking!  He really does make me laugh tho!

I also realized as I was walking him around, that somewhere a long the line I lost my “ME LEADER” role. He was pushing me a little bit and I was moving. WHAT? I woke up and realized what was going on. I told my husband what I realized and he said “Ya think?” I take that as, yes, he noticed. He is always there with suggestions if I ask, but this has been my project and he lets me do my thing. Sometimes I forget to be leader and I fall into friend mode. Well, I can do both as long as I am the leader first. So once the ground is dry enough, we will do some more ground work to re-establish what we already know. We all need reminders sometimes, right?

Tonite, Wednesday, we unloaded they hay. We are done for the winter/spring! Yay! That took a while, and by the time we got done feeding critters afterwards, it was 8:30. Tripp had been out in the yard with the others again – we called everyone back in. He came to visit me a while, and I messed with his feet. He picked up all 4 no problem. Now that is the way it is supposed to be!

When we were getting ready to come back in Tripp came up to the gate and we just hung out a little bit. Here is how it probably went:
ME: Oh how sweet, here comes Tripp to visit with me.
TRIPP: Mmmm, grass.
ME: Oh how sweet, Tripp is giving me kisses.
TRIPP: Let her think I give kisses and she lets me out! Ha!
ME: OOOHHHHH he is so wonderful! He is laying his head over my shoulder and nuzzling my neck!
TRIPP: Just a little bit closer and I can get some grass.

Yeah….you all get the idea! That is what happens to me.

Since I don’t have any pictures of Tripp, I am going to share another part of my life. Here you have Brian and his Snowman Massacre Snowman…….if any of you have read Calvin & Hobbes, you will know this story.....and if you have not read Calvin & Hobbes, let's just say things are always pretty interesting around here. :-)

And here you have me, to save the day with my Red Cross Snowman. I got the scarf free for donating blood – very cool! And the snowman loved it.

Life is good!

Until later….Karen and Tripp

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