Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is fun to one person, is not fun to another. :-)

No pictures again....ground work by myself, and I am very stiff and sore so didn't want to take the camera out with me. But you can trust me...Tripp is still cute! :-)

Fun...some things that are fun to some people, are not fun to another. Last night I watched the bucking video again, and I cannot pin point when my tail bone made contact with his back bone. In spite of this little set back, I HAD FUN! I don't know if I am hitting my real mid-life crisis (I started my fake one when I was 34 so I could make the most of it) and a nice spicy little buck was a hoot! I was not even afraid of falling off, which I really thought was going to happen. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want him to know that he can pitch me when he is not wanting to be pushed, and I really don't want to buck any more, but it was fun while it lasted. I know he didn't mean anything by it...I think he was having fun too! He just didn't know that he wasn't supposed to have fun that way. :-)

I visited my chiropracter today. I love him and trust him! He let me know, lots of ice is what I need. He also put me on this machine that is supposed to help push the built up fluid away from the irritated area, and the blood should come in. I will go back Friday to see how it is, and if that didn't work, he said he would do something else. The problem is not knowing which one will work. He is not the type of chiro that signs people up for the $1,200 quick fix program. If I need to go, I go, if I don't, it isn't a big deal. Anyways, he knows I am trying to get it to feeling better as quick as I can because I have less than 4 weeks to get ready! Otherwise we would just wait it out. What he is doing isn't going to fix it, it is just going to help speed up the recovery as long as I take care of myself.
I asked about the anti-inflamatory thing and it slowing down the healing process. He said part of it is because when people take the meds, it takes the pain away, and then people push it and injure themselves more. Well, meds didn't take away any of the pain, so I don't have to worry about that. Anyways, that is my quick education of the day....back to fun stuff!

More fun has been had the past couple of nights. I am still not happy about not getting in the saddle, but I do believe I have been spending some quality time with Tripp the past couple of nights.

I did the same thing with him the past two nights. We worked on the 'L', and last night he did alright, and tonite he was wonderful! We also jumped the barrels! Up to this point we have not done that, and I needed something different for Tripp to think about. He didn't like them at first, which is normal. Let's just zoom by them and show how great I can flex my body instead of going over them. He finally made it over so we changed directions. Wow! The comfortable direction was no problem and he sailed right over them! Tonite was a little rough on the 'off' side again, but much better than last night. I enjoy watching him jump, but with my limited knowledge of jumpers that doesn't go much beyond watching show jumping and 3 day eventing on t.v., he just didn't look like much of a jumper to me. :-) The important thing is he can jump a big log if we need to escape from a wild crazy bear in the woods! ha!

We also loaded and unloaded several times with me on the ground. If he can just remember how easy it is when we get to Texas, we will be okay.

Trotting on the ground.....Argh! We still have not gotten that figured out yet. Robert from Team Artista sent me a few tips. We are working on it, but haven't quite got there. You know what is funny, a couple times I thought he was trotting a little bit, and when I looked back, it seemed like he started walking and had an innocent look on his face. It has got to be my body language....I will have help tomorrow or Friday, so I will try having someone 'encourage' him from behind. Thank you Robert!!! I am still trying!!! :-) Oh but guess where he will the trailer to load! Ha!

Okay, here is my biggest and most exciting accomplishment! I have mentioned that Tripp is terrified of plastic bags. I got to where I could rub him all over, but when I got over that center line of his, he freaked! Especially over his head. WELL......I put a plastic bag on a short dressage whip instead of the short lunge whip. It is easier for me to flip around and I can grab it real quick to rub him with it and my hand.
Last night he let me cross over to the other side of him. He didn't like it one bit, but he let me!
Tonite was even more awesome!!! I was up over his head, over his neck, his back, around his butt and hind legs, and he only freaked once, and he did it in place. I know how much he hates them so I was very proud of him!

I took him for a short walk tonite. We live on a dirt road, but people drive like bats out of you know where, so I have been leary of taking him out there. I decided to suck it up and just go a short ways. I headed out one direction a short ways, then turned and went down the hill to the neighbors driveway. I was hoping his ducks and geese would be in the yard, but they weren't. A little pickup pulling a very noisy trailer carrying a 4 wheeler went by and Tripp got tense, leaned back but didn't pull, and watched it go by. Once it went by he let his breath out, and we walked some more. I was very pleased.

That is about all I know for now.....
Until later...Karen and Tripp

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