Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 1/2 months...that is how long Tripp has been here.

I made time to ride this weekend, and it occurred to me that Tripp has only lived here for 5 1/2 months...and look at him! That really is not a big amount of time, and we both have come so far! And to top it off, he has not been ridden since we got back from Texas...and he did wonderful!

The weather was pretty good all things considered, and I decided I was going to ride. I knew it would not be a long ride because we had things to do, but all I needed was a few minutes. A couple of days before that I trimmed his front hooves. The backs are a little bit long, but not bad, so I didn't mess with them. Will get them another day.

I saddled him up and we walked around - over the dirt pile, over the wooden ground feeders that Brian built, and back over the dirt pile again. He seemed pretty calm. Oh yeah, just like his Momma, that is me, he has put on some poundage...I had to let the rear girth out a little bit. :-)

As I was leading Tripp out to the round pen, Millie was a little concerned. What is that THING on her back that looks like cow hide? Makes me think about the joke about the filthy mouthed parrot who finally got thrown in the freezer...then when it came out if was well behaved but wanted to know what the turkey did to deserve that. She followed us to the pen.

I did a little bit of flexing while Millie watched. It really did bother her that I was up there.

I rode around the pen for a few minutes then we were ready to head out! Tripp was very stiff moving and he kept trying to go back up to the barn. It was not a fight - he was just trying me. We finally came to an understanding and we rode down by the pond and back up the hill.

There is another dirt pile on the hill, so we rode over that. Before we left for Texas he would let me lead him over the dirt piles, but he didn't want me on him while he went over them. Today he did wonderful! I was very proud of him...especially for him not being ridden since we got back from Texas!

After our short ride I headed back to the round pen. I wanted to try out his canter. He pinned his ears and swished that tail, but never did butt hop. Yay! We worked both directions, then called it a day.



I was up early so headed out about 8:00 that morning to ride. I have not done that in years...and it was wonderful! It was so peaceful and quiet. No round pen for us on this day - Tripp was very calm so we walked around a bit, then we headed out. We trekked thru the woods, around trees, over logs, along the pond bank, thru a big washed out area at the top of the pond bank, and even thru some ugly mud. We had one little moment when he got mad - he thought we should be done and I didn't. I won...we weren't. It was a beautiful morning!
Most of the time I was by myself, but Brian had gotten up and snapped a couple of shots from the top of the hill. They are a little blurry because he had to use the zoom to it's max.

Millie was still concerned about what I was doing to Tripp - Tripp is one of her buddies. She kept an eye on us.

We are just enjoying our ride...

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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Angela said...

WOW, only 5 1/2 months! That's amazing....It seems like he's always been there with you....I feel sorry for the little mini with the messed up legs...Shame on people for not putting sound confirmation above size! Tripp still looks wonderful as always and I'm glad Millie didn't decide to come after you! She's so curious!