Sunday, November 16, 2008

Millie decides to live with us....

I came home early from work one evening this week to take the dogs and cat in for their shots. I looked out the back window and noticed Millie was walking around the barn lot. I ran out there to shut the gate and tie it on all 4 corners. Millie taught me a few days before this that she can walk up, bump me out of the way, and lift the gate panel with her horns!

Here we have QH yearling Rico, Mom Susie, Millie walking away disgusted, and Red Bear hoping that they get to go back out on the hillside. Sorry guys...opening weekend of deer season coming up!

I needed a diversion, so I brought out a bucket of grain and that caught Millies attention. She came back as I strategically placed small grain piles all over the place so nobody would fight. Flash the pony decided he could push Millie off her grain pile and check to make sure I didn't leave anything in the bucket. Millie just can't believe her eyes...that this little wippersnapper would dare try to move her! :-)

The evening after the vet visit I ran out to check on Millie - she was still there. I gave them grain and she shared her pile with two of the horses! No camera that night because it was dark. So yesterday I tried to recreate what I had done. Not quite the same effect, but close enough to make me smile. Millie has bumped them with her horns, and they all seem to respect her. Altho there are three of the horses (Flash, Halo and Nevada) that are not afraid to back up to her and encourage her out of the way.

Here she is sharing a small pile with I don't know who...I think it might be Epona because of the size of her hooves. We have several brown horses. :-)

Millie and Halo decide they can eat in peace. Grain is a treat around here, so it is in their best interest to get along.

Flash, Wendigo and a muddy Tripp share a small pile.

I usually only give grain as a treat (unless someone needs extra groceries) and will put it in buckets and feed pans. Since Millie came around, and I realized what it was like to have a heifer with no manners, it is just best to put the piles where I can and get out of the way. Millie doesn't mean to be pushy - she just is.

Millie has decided she will stay up with the horses for now...and that is good. She still looks out over the hillside when she hears Ferdinand this morning. But she still chooses to stay.

Joker and Ace are doing good. They are still in the 'mustang pen' and yesterday morning and this morning Joker was running around and bucking and farting! It is real cold and frosty, and I think they are feeling good. The only thing that made me nervous was the mud - we had a steady rain that lasted most of the day, and we have not had enough sun to dry things out. It is very slick out there. Bummer!

That is all I know for now.....

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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