Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ace and Joker .... Get out of jail free card!

What a beautiful day! It is a little breezy and somewhat chilly, but not as bad as yesterday. I let the donks and my Arab mare, Tandee, in the yard to munch grass for a couple of hours, then I decided to let Ace and Joker out of their pen to hang out in the donk's area. They went to the fence where the other horses are, and there was some pawing and squealing, but they worked it out.

I was trying to get a picture of them lined up side by side so we could see the height and size difference, but they would not cooperate. This picture shows Ace's withers a little higher than Jokers.
(Joker on the left; Ace on right)

Joker and Ace on one side, and the donks and Tandee on the other. Jester is on the other side of the house - he was camera shy.

The boys are just enjoying the day...who can blame them.
(Joker on left; Ace on right)

Before I let them out I was moving them around the pen - I wanted to see how much they would both pay attention to me. They did not do too bad...I was happy. Ace is thicker around his middle than Joker is. There are parts of Ace that are more mature looking than Joker. Speaking of 'parts'...I still need to do an inspection to find out of the goods are there or gone. I really am hoping he has been gelded!

I am headed back out to play with critters.

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Jill W said...

It was nice to see pics of everybody. The two HS cats are both very pretty. What about old Bob, did he avoid the camera? Millie, DID look like she couldn't believe the pony took the grain. She was probably thinking Ferdinand wouldn't have done that. I still enjoy studying Ace and his yellow tone. Joker is a pretty red in summer and winter coat. I am looking forward to seeing Ace in his summer coat. I think he has gained weight already!

Karen C. said...

Oh Jill, I am so glad you said you thought Ace looks like he has gained a little weight. I was thinking the same thing yesterday, but I see him every day. I think by Spring he will look like a totally different horse! Will probably feel like one too!

Bob did avoid the camera. I did find his hiding place yesterday, I will try to get a picture of him in it today if he cooperates. :-)

Anonymous said...

Where oh where could my assistant be, oh where of where could she be? The map that I have doesn't show her gone, but she is, unless my eyes are deceiving me.

I need one of those Marauder's Maps so I can tell where she is at any given moment. Enjoy the day!

Angela said...

I think Ace has put on weight too...By the time he slicks out in a couple months, the skinny Ace will be just a photograph! And I agree with Jill...Millie looks astonished! Hehehe...Leave it to a cheeky pony to one up her!