Monday, November 10, 2008

Rescue Mustang has a name.... was unanimous! His name is Ace. Brian likes Ace because it goes with Joker. Jill likes Ace because of the double meaning of Brian's take on it, and that little mustang's Ace in the hole was his personality and his brains! :-)

Ace and Joker are getting along great, and I am hoping that Ace rubs off on Joker. Ace is such a level headed guy. I went out to feed this morning and it was still dark, but Ace was standing in the pen waiting. He is cautious, but let me come up to pet him. When I get to the withers and back, he slowly takes a step back until we are back in that comfy zone of his. That is okay. It isn't a race to see how fast I can be a human curry comb.

I usually give Joker a hand full of grain as a treat once in a while, and I noticed that Ace knew what that sound was. Slowly he came up to eat out of my hand. Then I needed a picture of them together, so I put a little bit in the pan. No fights! Yay! Ace is just a bit taller than Joker. I imagine that once Ace gets his muscles back, that difference will be larger.

Another one of them standing close...not great but you get the idea.

Well, I started this last night and just got it done this morning, Tuesday the 11th.

I will go ahead and post this and will update in a day or two. Tonite I will be taking three dogs and one cat to the vet for their annual shots. Usually I have a helper, but not tonite. Yep, this will be fun! :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Jill W said...

The BLM title has been received! Thank You to the persons who have allowed this all to happen. Ace is having a run on lucky days. See you soon Karen.

Karen C. said...

Woo hoo!!!! According to the title he is 2 yrs old, and it is dated August 2008, which means the people only had him about a year. How sad. Thankfully he will have a chance now. Thanks Jill!!!!